Its the weekends!!!

Went on a hiatus yesterday cos' it was so hectic omg. Started my friday with meetings back-to-back and i ALMOST missed my hot yoga class again. Left the office at like 815pm and reached studio at 835pm. By then class already started!

Impromptu post-yoga class double date as Jas and I went to find a bar along Prinseo street for food before the bfs joined us for drinks. Omg please do not go Bier Garden. Their drinks are overpriced.

First i waited more than 45 minutes for my glass of apple juice which is like the kind you mix syrup and water!!

Second i waited at least 1h45mins for my plate of vongole pasta. The only saving grace was the food didnt come tasting bad. It was ok. The worse is their crisis mgmt not very good. They realise their staff forgot to put in our food orders. Instead of quickly sending our order to kitchen, they were like trying to find out who is the staff that didnt do their job well šŸ˜‘

But i must give credit to the staff who attended to us and brought us in, he was at least all smiley and looked apologetic la.

On to happier things!

I managed to do my mask this morning!!! Ever since @sitianwong told me that its easier to put on makeup after masking, i've been trying to make that a habit every weekend. And its true!! It feels more hydrating and easier for my skin to absorb the products i put on. I think i once watched it on #SongJiHyoBeautyView and they said the same thing! Like how you should put on ur makeup right after your skincare when the skin is hydrated šŸ˜Š but i have love hate r/s with sheet masks

I find that they are always gigantic and doesnt fit my face well lol. Look at the amount of creases!! Anybody feels the same as me? Lol at my stone face trying to remain as expressionless as possible. Dont know how those beauty bloggers look so pretty even with masks on lor! #dayrebeauty

Lol anyone can probably tell how much i love this new romper of mine. Anyway the romper is pretty low cut! So subconciously i kept checking on myself cos sometimes the fold might give away mah. So i was contemplating whether to wear a tube. But then it wouldnt be so nice anymore!

So today, i put on the Padded Lattice Bralette from #obc!! Because i think the criss crosses can double up as a nice design for my romper šŸ˜

This is how it looks like when worn!! Feel so much more secure now because even if the folds (romper is like kimono wrap style) were to open a little, at most more of the criss crosses would be seen or at most bit of the laces of the #bralettes which i think quite nice la, like 苄隐苄ēŽ°. What do you girls think? šŸ˜Š #ourbraletteclub

O HAI šŸ‘‹ Logan is so good! But the ending was meh…


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