Joan's Hen Party

Surprise!!! Hahaha we told the BTB that we were going for Barre class and she was excited for nothing. Ended up in a pole class πŸ˜‚

Before class while waiting for pris!!

Even this pose was a feat to us LOL. Respect to all the pole dancers out there! Right after class i have like 3 blue blacks on one leg and today my arms and waist hurt like a bitch πŸ˜…

Ended the day with a nice high tea at Fairmont! Hahaha look at just how mismatch our outfits were. We damm fail cos we thought the BTB will definitely bring clothes to change after barre class, who knows she just brought another yoga top lol. Wanted to bring her to MDS and get new clothes but she didnt want to lol. So yup yoga outfit at Fairmont Hotel that is πŸ˜‚

Love their savoury best! Guess i no longer have a sweet tooth lol

Little Vietnam

Finally found a place that sells authentic Vietnamese food!! It is SO good that it tasted 90% like what i tasted in Ho Chi Minh. None of the Vietnam food joints in Singapore is good cept' this. Their pho is out of the world and most importantly its affordable like just $6 for a big bowl!

Grilled prawns!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Fiona's Wedding

One of the most nicely-executed wedding i have ever attended! Congrats @sgbudgetbabe on ur BIG day, your hard work paid off!!

Just look at the pretty setup 😍

Picture perfect 😍😍

Just. Had. To. Snap. A. Photo. Of. This. Pretty. Long. Train.

While Nicholas was saying his vows, i teared. πŸ˜… cannot take emotional speeches for nuts.

Sweet little behind-the-scenes taken by yours truly hahaha πŸ˜†

Dinner was also like WOW. Look at how elaborate the setup and styling was! Everything fit nicely into the wedding theme. And btw, food tasted as good too!

Quick 360 view of the dinner setup hahaha too many video bombers πŸ˜… and yes dinner was to this nice lovely view!

Sneak peek at their first dance!

And then the surprise Fiona sprung on the groom haha. U go girl!!

One of my gown favourites on Fiona!!

Oh yes how can i miss this gorgeous horse carriage too! Love how the fairy lights lit up the carriage at night hehe

And i love this portrait a lot!! @sgbudgetbabe did someone paint this for you?? 😍

Ending the night with a sweet wefie hehehe.

Brought the boy along with me on our monthsary! What a meaningful way to celebrate this day to witness the union of a friend 😁 double the joy!


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