Dream House

Before the photos i took yesterday at IKEA get burried away in my Gallery 😂 time to pent down what makes my dream home! The boy and i occasionally talk about the kind of concept we wanted for our house, but honestly there's always some hits and misses because we are quite different from each other that way. Usually it was all talk, but the impromptu trip to Ikea yesterday to get me a mirror sort of help us put things into perspective 😂

It was such a hectic rush tho and we both agree that next time we should just spend one full day in Ikea haha. Sharing what we kinda agreed on! Maybe next time i can just show my ID this "Nah read my Dayre! This is what we are envisioning" 😂 #dayrehomes

Open Kitchen

This was love at first sight for us 😍 we have been toying with the idea of either a kitchen island or a bar table. We figured that we cant have both because we do not want a crampy kitchen haha. Both of us can be quite shui bian on most stuff but when it comes to things like that, we are quite strong-headed. And im just glad so far what the boy wants for the kitchen is in line with mine lol! So yup, we are going for an island!

Exactly like this, we are hoping to go for a granite island top. And that we can be cooking while facing the living room. Because we hate to be cooking while facing walls haha. You know how those TV shows always show someone cooking while watching TV?

To illustrate my point haha. Watching tv while cooking at the island lol. So stove goes with the island. While the other side of the kitchen we would want to keep the counter top as clean as possible so that everytime we are back from grocery shopping, we can leave the groceries there, wash, cut and prep before bringing them to the island to cook! By doing this, it also means that our island will probably double up as our dining table too.

Only thing im not as sure would be this since i cant really imagine it. But the engineering BF sounded pretty confident that he can sketch and get the ID/contractor to do an extended table for him. So that shall be it! As long as i get enough space to host home parties haha.


The toilet is what im extremely particular about lol. Because i love toilet time. And it must be DRY 90% of the time. Probably cant tell much from this photo but i love the tall shelving at the side!! I imagined it could be where i keep my skincare and makeup inside lol. Ok this design aint ideal and im sure our bathroom wont look like this haha.

Spot the tall mirrors and shelving at the side! So yup, for the bathroom its a must to have a partition from the shower area for me. Would be perfect with a rain shower, tall shelving and dried blooms inside haha. Oh yes powerpoints too! Silly me just realised i bought the flosser the other day from Lazada but i got no powerpoint anywhere near my basin man lol

Vanity area

Still no clue if we can do such a wardrobe cos the boy reminded me that dont think our master bedroom got space for this lol. Somemore one side of the wall goes to our balcony. And i dont think we can hack the other room for a walk-in wardrobe cos our ideals is to keep a room for kids and another room for entertainment/guest room which we already told our folks that they can come over for a staycay during the weekends 😂 like that cannot hack leh..

But i love such open wardrobes!!! Dont need to keep opening or sliding the doors open. And i imagine the drawers to be with compartments so that i can put my accessories hehe

This pretty much sums up our trip yesterday!! Theres still other stuff we sort of agreed on but no time for pictures lol. Like how we love this particular type of shoe cabinets and drawers to display our kitchen utensils, pots & pans etc.

Anyway this is whatt we visualise. As always, reality vs expectations haha. Things might change again 1.5 yrs later!

Its not even April and im already counting to my 4D3N holiday in June 😎 3 more months to go!! Im quite excited since its my first trip to KL, cannot wait for the street food and cafe-hopping! And also excited about Burgers & Lobsters in Genting plus casino!! Anybody has any recommendations for KL & Genting? Since i only have a night in KL, i think i can only try one cafe. Greyhound??

This was the hotel we booked in #KL! Which was near Bukit Bintang, highly recommended by my colleagues as they said its near Pavillion and Lot10 malls where i can do shopping and also near Jalan Alor for street food! Hotel was recommended by Cherylene and it looks good! Cost me only $71/night for buffet breakfast plus a 41sqm studio deluxe room with kitchenette! #dayretravels

Marriage is like a workshop. The husband "work" while the wife "shop"

👆👆👆 wise words hahahaha


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