Teeth Flossing

So this arrives in my mailbox yesterday!! Initially i thought its gonna be a huge ass machine but nope, its a good handy size, light and portable too! I've been really psyched to get my hands on this ever since i chanced upon it and read about its usage, reviews and seen its demo. I admit that im really bad when it comes to teeth flossing and today i rely a lot on dentist for deep cleansing other than the daily brushing. Because i hate string flossing. But this is a life saver i tell you!

So basically this water flosser comes with different tips which you can slot it into the handle for different cleaning purpose! Amazingly it is able to effectively "push" out the plague and bacteria hiding between your teeth especially those areas which you cannot really reach with a fat toothbrush lol. The reason why i say push is because when you point the tip to your gumline and in between your teeth, the water pressure kinda aims out the plaque!

To illustrate my point, i grabbed a picture off Google to show how is the Waterpik Water Flosser used!

These are the tips that came along with the flosser. Cept' that they didnt give me the tongue cleaner (the one on extreme right) 😭. My package came with more of the usual jet tip that you see in the early illustration above. Anyway i cant really remember what are the different tips used for and i dont have the manual with me. But basically there's literally a tip for everything! Even one for cleaning #braces k!

This is how it looks like when you fit the tip to the handle. And when you want to change the tip, theres a button for you to click release before you take this one out and insert another tip. Super easy and fuss-free! Tried it last night using three of the tips provided!! First i used the sharp jet tip (the one you see in earlier illustration) for flossing, then i use the tip targeting plaque (the one you see in this pic) and i ended off with the toothbrush tip!

Oh ya what i like about this is also that it has a dial for you to change the water pressure. Since im using it for the first time, i did it with pressure 1 😂 highest is 10 btw. And it has a massage mode other than floss! Its like gentle pulsating vibration for you to massage your gums and i used the toothbrush tip for that at the end of the flossing routine. As i mentioned in my earlier post, i have no powerpoint in my bathroom. So i had to do it over a basin 😂

By right this is what you're supposed to do ok hahaha. Because of this reason, i've already marked a mental note that my future bathroom MUST have a powerpoint for me to use this flosser lolol.

But ok la, also blessing in disguise that i did it over a water basin. Because that way i could see how effective the flosser is in cleaning the plaque and bacteria in my mouth!! And im sold after one use last night 😊 best buy ever, no regrets! #dayrebeauty #dayrehealth

Diagnosing your own personal colours

I really like watching Song Ji Hyo Beauty's View because its like self-discovery every week! Hahaha so last week's theme is about finding your own personal colours. Most of the time we choose colours based on what we like but the episode teaches you to find out if you belong to warm skin tone or cool skin tone!

And this is how to tell what colours suit you better! Hahaha i think its not very obvious from the picture but in the video it is quite obvious to see that cool colours obviously complement Song Ji Hyo better!

Is it i have to ask people to put cloth on me to see whether im cool or warm tone too? 😂

Hahaha fret not! You can just put a silver or gold watch on yourself to find out! Hmmm i THINK i prefer my gold watch so im probably warm tone? Lol

I hereby conclude that im warm tone! Cos this cool tone make up colours definitely dont suit me hahaha. Anyway just look at this girl, her skin belongs to cool tone. See how much a change in makeup colours and clothing colour can make a difference!

My lazada loots arrived! Still not used to lazada because even though i did my purchase in a single order, my orders arrived separately on Mon, Tue & Wed respectively lolol. Anyway out of these items you see, i only bought the #cosrx pimple pad 😂 the other 2 are free gifts!! I love freebies hehe.

This cosrx pimple pad damm cute la! 😂 and btw i just realise its a recommended item on #getitbeauty basically it functions exactly like the #neogen exfoliating pad except that this one has bha, hence targeted at clearing clogged pores and blemishes

Another sinful purchase today during lunchtime. New reed diffuser from Mt Sapola! Wanted a green tea scent but they dont have leh! They only have lavender but i alr have like so many bottles of lavender essential oil at home already. So i ended up trying this new scent! Surprisingly its quite a nice sweet scent who knows it might be a really nice room scent. One day im gonna go back and get the aroma lamp though! Cos its so pretty and gd chance to use my essential oils!


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