TGIF everybody!!

As you can tell, i'm in my new top today ahahaha. Still cannot stop raving about yesterday! Oh think i forgot to mention yesterday that my colleague did a search on the brand for me and found out that its a Chinese brand and they only bring in like 12pcs per design! That explains why the sizes run out so fast! Gonna go there again next Fri w Joyce and lets see if they really change their designs weekly like what the sales guy told me!

Found my holy grail pencil liner!! Its none other than the trusty Clio which i know i can always count on for eye products 😊 i actually bought this quite sometime back when i was watching #jealousyincarnate because the female lead was endorsing this brand plus ive seen reviews on #dayrebeauty previously! But in between i got distracted by other brands lol. These few days i switched back to this and realise how awesome it is! Its like the only liner i can draw so quickly, like in 1-2mins!

Finally dragged myself down for my ipl appt 😅 guess its been too long since i last came, looking back at my records its almost a year now ahahaha. Couldnt get used to the glare but luckily no pain!! On the bright side, i guess im pretty much done with the underarms!!

My takeaway lunch today! 😋😋😋 kimbap is life hahaha

And look today's sky was so nice with the peachy tones hehe.

I joined the micellar water craze late. But omg its so good???

Shared this on my IG on Wednesday! Partner aerial yoga is srsly quite fun! Hehe


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