Drink of the day! 👍

And sooo.. Thumb Coffee is newly opened at Suntec City! Have never come across their chain in #Korea but their opening promotion is really quite typical of the korean style haha. Basically you snap a photo of their drink and post on your SNS (yes they used the word SNS only koreans do that lol) and hashtag certain stuff to get a free #mediheal mask! Went to Watsons to grab another bottle of micellar water cos im like addicted to it lol.

Left my Garnier bottle at the boy's place and i wanted to get another one for my house. But cant find Garnier! So o well, bought Bioderma to try instead haha. Wah but why is Bioderma so exp ah? Can someone tell me if its really that good? I bought a 400ml of Garnier's at $12. But a 500ml of Bioderma cost like $40+ leh! 😱 anyway when i checked out and paid for my stuff the guy told me to pay for my mediheal mask too. Like hello wth, you think i want to cheat one mask meh 😐

Came home to my parcel from @susyandbae!! Yay finally managed to get my first #bralette from them hehe. A for effort on that personalised touch to the card. Thanks Claire!!

Sucker for minimalist designs. Love it even more when there's a twist to it. Like a deep blue bralette with nice brown straps 😍

Upclose deets! And that charming brown shade 🙆 #susyandbae #sbreviews


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