So gonna regret when i wake up in 5hrs time. I blame it on the new cheena drama that i just started lol.

The weekend is near!! And so last night i slept at almost 2am, watching a new mainland drama called 遇见爱情的利先生! Been some time since i last watched a mainland drama, decided to give this a try because i like the female lead 周冬雨! And i guess im boring like that because i love classic 老掉牙plots Cinderella style where a rich dude falls in love with a girl of a lower class haha. Only at Ep8/38! Guess this can last me till Friday hahaha

Just realised the male lead of the show i was hooked on to is the guy who married 陈研希!!

That feeling when you have tonnes of work tasks to rush for and the Internet decided to play punk on you! And worse is all my tasks on hand require the net!! #facepalm


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