Just finished Ep 14 of #StrongWomanDoBongSoon! Love this outfit of Hyung Sik's! Very dapper-looking laaaa. 😍😍😍 but its so hard to do a proper screengrab, watch it and you'll know why i said so!

Cant wait for him to come to SG!

Oh and btw, this week's Infinite Challenge has #ParkBoGum!! @bertillawong @shennyyang

PBG only appeared towards the last 10 mins of #InfiniteChallenge 😑 Now i cant wait for next week's episode!!

Today feels weird because just this morning I received text from 3 colleagues that they're not in today. Seems like its gonna be a quiet Monday? Somehow even this morning's train ride feels different, is it everybody #longweekendmood already??

🎧 Crude Play: I'm Ok

Received my 3rd #bralette from @susyandbae!! Got a purple card this time heh.

Pardon my terrible #flatlay 😅 put it on immediately and i love it much more than expected!! Have never tried midi cuts before but surprisingly it made me feel so secure ahahaha. I love the metallic red satin straps too, if i have to say what i dislike it would be the free straps cos im lazy to tie it ahahaha. But otherwise this piece is a keeper. I hope one day Clare can make beautiful padded laced bralettes too! #SBreviews #susyandbae

Received this in my mailer today too! Super cute laaaa. The moment i saw it, i knew i had to get it. Its a beauty blender btw lol #dayrebeauty

Artbox Singapore

Totally looking forward to Artbox Singapore!! Just browsed through their IG page and below is what im excited to check out!!

This floral shop! How nice is this bouquet wrap, looking so luxe! Love the colour combi and the daisies hehe

Toasted marshmallows!!! 😋😋😋 droools. But somehow i get this feeling that it will be so packed that the queue would be insane 😣

Yoga wear!!

13 rushes!!! Heard so much about them but couldnt bring myself to spend 100+ on them. Maybe there would be good discounts at #artbox?

Soy candles!!! 😍😍😍


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