The long weekend is almost here!

Feeling very thrilled because im on PM leave ahahaha. And its a lot of me-time. Much needed pampering time for myself i would say. But before that, gotta finish my external meeting and a phone call this morning first! Before i can officially declare that my long weekend is here lol.

So im gonna go for lash extensions today!! Just praying hard that i'll get used to it since i have the tendency to rub my eyes. 😅

And i have also booked myself a full body massage called Meridian Therapy. Its supposed to be good because it is targeted at your accupressure spots to relieve the tension! I have been feeling lower back aches for a week and i think it worsened after my aerial yoga last night 😥 i had issue bending down and even sitting sianzzzz

In between the appointments, i'll probably be chilling at a cafe with WiFi clearing emails, watching shows and just reading up on what i have always been wanting to do but didnt have the time to do so. O yes, that includes filing my income tax too 😂 im actually quite looking forward to this?!

Done with work partially now enroute to get my lashes done! Hehe 😍

Waiting for my turn since i'm early! And im actually feeling very very sleepy. Cant wait for the massage later to zzzz. Emotion-less cos im so stoned

Does it look like im endorsing Casio G-shock here? Hahaha btw ive been on the teeth whitening routine for the past 4 days! Wanted to track my progress and took pictures but i realise even tho i took them under same light at the same spot, everytime when i put the pics tgt its always diff lighting leh!!! And i honestly cant tell if it got whiter 😑

Just read this on Stomp and OMG. Why do i feel like the more i read, the more i know who they're talking about? Its like someone just popped up in my mind. Got so drama???

Anw sorry dayre cropped Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen's face 😑


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