So this was what went on last night 😅 honestly im not even sure if it helps haha. Actually my laptop isnt totally soaked la cos i manage to salvage most of it the moment it happened. But im just playing safe cos when i press certain keys like my spacebar i could still see some water within. 😱

@denisetaytay thanks for asking! And both you and @sitianwong ingenious idea of soaking it in rice. Honestly it didnt cross my mind lol, i contemplated but was worried that it would get into the keys 😅

Super excited about this!! Good things must share lol. One of my fave youtubbers is hosting a giveaway!


So pretty, i cannot. #dayrebeauty

Bumped into @joycetoh in town just now!! What are the chances man hahaha. Lucky i was distracted, if not maybe i might snatch her file LOLOL 🤣🤣🤣 开玩笑~ but i honestly think if i stayed longer, she might just be like "nah. Wo gei ni men kan ni de bridesmaid cards." 😆

Making good progress

In life, this is probably what that keeps me moving forward. That sense of satisfaction. That sense of existence. To know that you're overcoming obstacles in your way. Learning new things. Challenging your limits. Growing as an individual. Though it can get quite draining, but can i say im really contented with how life is right now? I feel lucky that ive a job that i like and that im learning. And i have interests that im pursuing at the same time!

So this was today's progress!! And this graceful pose has a nice name called Chandelier. Probably cos we're like hanging upside down hahah. Tbh this is probably our 3rd attempt so far? We probably tried on 2 occasions previously and each time we got better. Just last week, we were still struggling with the rotation of our hip flexor. I would say it takes a lot of courage and trust as you're are only hanging on to the hammock with a leg. This was the end result. But it started with an inversion.

From the inversion where we had both feet attached to the hammock. We had to unhook one feet and stretch it to the side and rotate our hip flexor till the legs get to the back up to this pose!! I struggled previously because i felt insecure like as tho if i rotate the wrong way i might just unhook myself from the hammock and slip off. So i was like moving in slow……mo….i swear its really quite funny 🤣

We have to keep the weight on our feet so that we wont topple off till we get to the right position. And i think my hip flexor is soooo tight so i struggled 😑 after getting into the position, we then bend our knee to grab it with our hands for a deeeeeep stretch. #dayreyogis

Oh right. Btw, my laptop survived!!!! 😁


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