Woke up feeling good today for so many reasons!!!

πŸ˜„ It's 8.30am and im still on bed under my blankets cos thanks to the fire drill, i get to work from home and go in office only after lunch!
πŸ˜„ Waking up to a rainy morning at home is like shiokkkkkkkk
πŸ˜„ Its Friyay!!! TGIF peeps!
πŸ˜„ It's me time today!! Planning to head to Artbox after work myself today too hehe
πŸ˜„ Still reeling in the happiness and excitement yesterday from the wedding rehearsal!

This is like just half of the length of the walkway where the bridal party will be doing their march-in tomorrow!!! 😱😱😱 and it will be to the tunes of Canon in D. So exciting!! Have never participated in church wedding before much less being part of the bridal party. We had to practice our march-in last night about how we had to look for cues on when is our turn to walk after the previous bridesmaid. I think its gonna be nerve wrecking tmrw!!

Really a good Friyay because working at home means you can mask and work πŸ˜‚ i bought a pack of these Pikachu Honey Masks when i was in #Korea last year but i havent tried a single piece yet lol. Cos obviously #Labiotte and #23yo stole my heart πŸ™Š finally put this on today cos i remembered @sweetpea talking about it!! And its pretty good just that im not used to having honey scent on my face, felt like im gonna attract bugs lol

Wonders of Taobao

So I shipped out the first batch of the clothes that i was eyeing on in yesterday's post. Last night i came across this white knitwear with cut-out sleeves and choker design on IG (see left pic). As it was a foreign brand so i tried my luck to search for it on #Taobao and look what i found (see right pic)!!! Added more items to my cart again lol

I didnt get the cream knit above though. Instead i got this design in khaki! Cos i figured that the one above looked way too puffy and thick that i might not wear it often in SG. Whereas this looked more manageable! Actually the green and black ver looked very nice too 😍

I added this to cart!!! But having 2nd thoughts again hahaha. This or green? πŸ€”

This is in my cart too! Cos i just cant resist flutter sleeves πŸ˜„

What im most excited about is this dress!! It looks like its something simple yet very flattering. Read the reviews and the customers all looked very good in it leh!

That slit 😍

Braving the crowd to go Artbox now πŸ’ͺ

I can finally say "been there, done that" now!! 🀣

Thank goodness it isnt as crowded as last Friday and it was manageable. Tho at some point i felt like i wanna get out of this place soon hahaha.

Bought my cup of Thai Iced Tea within like 5 mins!! Not bad~ Though a lot of those fancy stores still had long queues and like i wanted to get Thai Ice Tea Soft Serve which was sold out. But its ok! I can deal with it as long as i can get a drink hehe

Managed to browse through all the lanes of the booths this time with comfortable walking space! This guy can sing quite well!

Seeeeee~ Plenty of space to browse!

To my surprise, the roasted marshmallow waiting time was really fast too!! Got mine within 5mins as well hehe. The flavours of the marshmallow are really interesting so i willingly gave my mooolahs πŸ˜‹ very yummy too! So the flavours i picked were (top to bottom) speculoos caramelised cookies, chocolate inferno, after eight mint!

Proof shot!! εˆ°ζ­€δΈ€ζΈΈγ€‚πŸ˜‚

Only downside today was nobody to take photos with me under the pretty fairy lights 😭 and i didnt manage to see hush candle and ourbraletteclub???

Not sure is it i 幻觉or what but my dark eye circles seemed to be better now?! I hope its really cos of the Kiehls!!

@amanthayeong this is what i just started using probably about two weeks ago!! Still not very sure if its cos of this tho hahah

Of all days, im getting a bump on my nose 😣 putting this mask on my nose now and hopefully it can lessen the bump or even make it go away when i wake up tmrw!! πŸ™ btw i can never stress enough how much i love this mask spatula, it makes it so much easier to spread mask on my face now and best part is, my hands are clean!!!

GREEN NOSE πŸ˜‚ by right i just wanted to smear the mask on my nose where the bump is. But i guess i got carried away with the application heh. Love the icy cool feeling with this mask! On my 2nd tub btw! #dayrebeauty


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