Been wanting to sing K for the longest time and finally managed to do so!! But as usual, last min us only decided to make a reservation for 7pm at 5pm πŸ˜‚ as expected the cheap options like cash studio and teo heng were all fully booked. Thank goodness we managed to secure a room at Voicebooth.

Its this new #Korean coin karaoke concept that we chanced upon few mths back when it first opened! Damm cool cos u can pay $1 for just one song!

Only downside is the system is in Korean too πŸ˜‚ but they have a translated menu so it just took us awhile to get used to the system!

βœ… Cheap! (It goes by hourly charges by room so it only cost us $40 for 4 pax for 2hrs!)
βœ… It has a scoring system after every song you sing lol
βœ… It has nice effects like applause, different rhythm and medly
βœ… It has a lot of Korean songs, but there's also English and Chinese!
βœ… Lyrics has hanyu pinyin!

❌The room is not very big like Kbox or partyworld sort. Expect teo heng kind of room.
❌ There's no beverages except fof 2 bottle of mineral water for 4 pax. Tho im not sure if you can order, but $10/pax for 2hrs of singing with mineral water, i think its still a good deal!
❌ System in Korean which takes awhile to get used to
❌ Their mtv is not the legit version cos its just lyrics and some random videos of singapore or other mtv lol. But ok la it doesnt bother me!

Guys being guys and they decided to prank us while we were so into singing 小幸运! But i played along because the mood was there HAHA. Quite epic actually. Noticed at the chorus part, it suddenly turned from a ζŠ’ζƒ…song into a techno version lolol. Cos the guys went to press the 'Rhythm' button. Just see that look of mischief on the face! 🀣

Replaying that video over n over again. I cannot. 🀣🀣🀣

But hey look, we scored 100 points for that song!!! HAHA. After our entire session they even had this leaderboard to recap all your scores and songs sang!

Guess what? My pre-ordered blush skirt is delivered earlier than expected!!! πŸ€— All my #taobao loots are enroute to SG now, gonna get them by next week hehehe

Hot yoga basics with this bunch πŸ˜„
So glad the boys also signed up for their own yoga package now, which means its gonna be an even more regular weekly affair! Maybe i can really finish my passes by Sept hehe. Such a joy going to class with these boys cos theres so much laughter lol. Like how everyone was already seated up and breathing while 2 of them are still lying down breathing LOLOL


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