Cancelled my aerial yoga today because the cramps is real. Is it as one age, you get more severe cramps also ah? πŸ˜…

Which compact camera should i aim for?

For the longest time i've been wanting to get a new camera!! But tbh the technology is moving so fast that i aint catching up with it lol. During my days, 12.0 or 16.0 megapixels is like da bomb already! But now its not just about megapixels, tell me all about the tech specs i'll probably be zoning out hah!

Before i have time to go into my research, heres some pre-req that i have set:
βœ… Sharp image (i guess i can only find out when i test it lol)
βœ… WiFi/NFC
βœ… Allows me to take selfie easily
βœ… Double up as both camera and video recorder (sharp audio)
βœ… Lightweight
βœ… Beauty mode (is it common for cameras to have such function? Lol)
βœ… Modern + Retro Design (this js a bit hard to describe so i'll illustrate with some pictures!)

Leica has been my DREAM camera for the longest time! Somehow the design captivates me sooo much and i have also heard about how my photog friends rave about its capabilities 😍

This is what i mean by modern + retro. Why retro? Doesnt it remind you of those old British days era? Not sure why, but it sure does for me. Especially when you add those brown thick rustic straps to the camera! That black corrugated texture is a must in my next camera πŸ˜‚

This is the black version btw! Love this as well! So far, below are the ones that im eyeing for, lemme know if there's others that i should KIV too! Giving myself till end June to get it before my KL trip πŸ˜„

1. Leica M10

Theres a reason why i said its my dream camera but i didnt get it because it comes with a hefty price tag. Talk about investment.

2. Canon G7X

Found out about this cos i realise some of the influencers tt i follow use this camera for their vlogs! If it works for their vlogs, im sure its good enough! Recently i retrieved all the videos taken during our last #Korea trip from the boy using the cheap action camera that he bought. And omg the quality is so bad. Our voices our barely audible and the bg noise is much louder, graphics are bad too πŸ˜• worse is the boy still found it ok πŸ˜‘ i cant decide which is worse lol. This is abt $700+?

3. Olympus EM10

Not gonna lie but i shortlisted this purely based on its design since i havent really gone into all the technical research. πŸ˜‚

4. Olympus Pen7

Another one that i have shortlisted w/o knowing much about it yet 🀣 but it seems like this camera makes taking selfies a breeze! πŸ‘

Survived today! Now headed to Plaza Sing to check out some cameras, still cant believe that Harvey Norman doesnt have actual cameras for you to test. Hellooo, cameras not cheap leh. How can you sell a camera with only dummy sets for display? πŸ˜‘



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