Eventful Weekends

Lets see how much i can write about while masking on my bed! Mega Sunday blues today, not because Monday is coming but because I spent it with flu and fever and feeling drowsy/groggy most of the time. Gonna call it for a night right after the mask!

Girls' Sleepover

Cannot describe how much i miss all the late night HTHT with my girlfriends~ Finally had another sleepover with @joycetoh, this time round at her new house!! I missed those times when we would all squeeze in her room with her dongsaeng and chit chat till we all fall sleep one by one πŸ˜… and i miss our very first bkk trip!

Cheese ramyeon, karaoke singing, skype date, masking – we did all these in one Friday night!

It's been 1 year since @irenelittlesecrets has left for Texas and i think we only had skype calls twice!! Okay maybe 3, if i also include the time when i randomly video called her when we were at PS. That time difference can really be quite annoying πŸ˜‘

Happy to be finally seeing her face again and sharing/ranting about life in Texas. Feels as though she is just right next to us! I cannot imagine life alone in a foreign land, this girl is amazingg to have come this far πŸ˜„

Cant remember how long we skyped for! All i remember was my body was breaking from lying down on the floor 🀣 ηœŸηš„θ€δΊ†!

After our skype date, we washed up and did our mandatory masking!


I think the boy has really trained me well. I used to be a light sleeper and was afraid that i couldnt sleep well. But surprisingly i slept pretty well! Feeling bad tho cos i was down with flu and dear joyce cant turn on her aircon and had to lower her fan speed. Until εθ€Œε₯Ήη‘不ε₯½πŸ˜…

Morning was such an ordeal and we spent more than an hour just to order food in lol.

First we ordered UberEATS and i honestly HATE them. Because i couldnt check out my order for nuts. At first it asks to send a verification code to phone but they can never register my number so we had to send it to Joyce's phone. After that when i tried to make payment it says "failed verified payment page". I tried to add my cc details again and it says card already exist. So i tried to delete the current one and yet they dont let me delete!! 😱 same issue for joyce!

Then we turned to Macs. It says 2mins before they changed to lunch menu and when we were about to submit our order, they logged us out and said menu changed!!! 😣 double blow that is.

Resorted to food panda but no decent food in the vicinity. So we ordered Deliveroo instead. Finally managed to place an order. But after 10mins they sent us an SMS saying sorry that they cant fulfil the order 😫😫😫 triple blow this time

Eventually we managed to place an order with another restaurant!

Breakfast was meh. Made better only because i was watching beauty vlogs on youtube with joyce lol

Look at this! Flame Cafe just sent me a cup of Ice Chocolate that was half filled. Can i complain or not ah??

These two girls are grown-up now!! I wish i have my niece/nephew too πŸ˜‚ very surprised when athena said that she rems me and that i have seen her when she is just a baby. 😍

Thanks for hosting!! More to come πŸ’•

Johor Bahru

Double date to JB last night and i think we always damm suay? How can it jam when we are going in at night? Not like we are coming out leh. Anyway the jam from SG to JB took us about an hour and we headed to get the car wash etc.

Lucky us this time that we managed to do massage straight away. The laat few times it was always fully packed. Had one of my best aromatherapy massage last night. Pity was that my flu was in the wayπŸ˜•

And we went for Lok Lok! First time here and no regrets even though we had to wait 40mins for our food. But its really unlike what i have eaten. They have like 3 big tables of sticks to choose from and for those fried ones, they even grilled it and added seasoningπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

The mushrooms are da best!!

Camera Shopping

The boy came along with me this time and we went back to Cathay Photo @ Marima Square to look for the same sales guy i spoke to, two days ago. But this time round was to ask him to recommend cameras of similar fuctions with Olympus Pen Pl8. There's only a Sony one that was better than the Olympus but sad to say i dont like how it look πŸ˜‚

Was determined to get my Pen PL8 already but black n brown is sold out!!! So the retail asst kept upselling white to me.

Which tbh i really like the white. Because its unique and classy. The colour is off-white, material is textured and has gold wordings which is totally my kind of thing.

BUT i wanted to have something more rustic/vintage looking that serves like a Leica substitue.

I was all fixated on the black so that i can get a brown camera half case and leather strap πŸ˜…

Two days ago they still had stocks, but now its like all snapped up! So i left the shop empty handed and asked the guy to call me when they have black. I just hope it comes!


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