My preorder #bralette from @susyandbae has arrived too!!

Wanted to post a picture of it in my earlier post on #dayreshopping as well, but i was distracted by work πŸ˜… Just completed what i set out to do, and now im on bed waiting for my mask to dry out so that i can wash it off and call it for a night!

My backorder piece Rouge Raven is here!! Another padded bralette that i add to my collection but this is slightly different because its racerback and has a caged body! Put it on and im really surprised at its lifting effect!

Only downside is i think i bought a size too small πŸ˜” for the first time i struggled with hooking it lol, even after i have fully adjusted the straps! Not sure whether to be happy or not. Looking at the dimensions again, seems like i got to get a 34.

But strange thing is I had another padded bralette in size 32 with the same dimensions but that fits πŸ€”

4 years anniversary

So this Friday marks the 4th year anniversary for me and the boy!!! Usually Fridays are our me-day, but since its a special occasion so we gonna meet for a simple dinner to celebrate and just spend some time together!

So i suggested why not use the boy's NS credits to redeem a buffet dinner lolol cheapo is me πŸ˜‚ but he wasnt keen on going back to The Square @ Furama plus they increased the credits (previously when we went it was only 100, now 110 credits!)

Wanted to go for buffet dinner at The Line which will set us back 200 credits (all that we have) but its only restricted to Mon, Wed & Sun 😐

In the end the boy suggested to just spend 30 credits to redeem injeonmi bingsu and other stuff at Nusongyee! And before that we can have dinner at Wicked Grill which he mentioned casually a few times before! So i told him to make a reservation on Sun with all the details needed and he said "Now only Sunday, where got people reserve so early one."

Now this is something i can never understand lol. Is that even early? Its just 5 days away (when we had the conversation on Sun) plus we were already at their Facebook page, its just one button away to PM them, why wait for the sake of waiting ah?

So i kept telling him later scully if fully booked when you try to make a reservation, dont come and ask me why hor. You go and settle yourself pfffttt. And as usual he just said yes yes dont worry, leave it to me.

Yesterday was a busy day for him at work because he even skipped lunch and didnt have time to reply much text till like 8 or 9pm.

So when i reminded him if he made the reservation, he just said yes yes already did, dont worry πŸ€” If his so-called plans really fail, ζˆ‘ηœŸηš„δΌšεˆε“­εˆη¬‘γ€‚


Chanced upon this at the corner of my eyes yesterday and i immediately u-turn back!!!

Super love #Coplu's paintings because i feel that its just full of emotions? Like with his paintings, i feel like i could really understand what it means by "a picture paints a thousand words". The colours and all make its such a gem to look at everyday too!! But pity i dont think i can ever own one because it costs at least USD8200 per painting!! 😱

Good read thanks to @sitianwong for sharing!

Urge all who are considering to get their flats to read, its all about understanding the whole property ball game before you can make informed decisions ya? #dayrehomes



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