Urban Revivo

I've sinned. Again at Urban Revivo.

终于给我等到今天了! So i mentioned that last Friday i chanced upon Urban Revivo's IG that they are having a sale up to 50% OFF selected items. But cos i was so preoccupied during the sleepover i kinda forgot about it until @shiruheng texted that she checked out the shop after remembering that i raved about it to her during our last meetup!

Immediately went to check it out after work today!

Within 5 minutes, i texted @joycetoh that im going to sin at this shop liao 😂

Set my eyes on this pair of shoes! Look pretty normal right? Just a pair of pointy flats – the way i like it. What attracted me however was the back details!


And it looks like something i can put on with my jeans and look decent EFFORTLESSLY. I love hassle-free shoes – just slip on and off i go!

Its actually pretty comfortable too (though i shant jinx it since i only wore it for awhile) compared to other Urban Revivo shoes that i tried! (see @heartands0ul:280417).

I actually like it so much that idm paying $69.90 疯了我! But guess what? Its on sale!! Down to $46.90 just like buying a C&K ✌

And this set dress caught my eyes too! Non-sale item and it costs like over $100 for 2pc though the quality of the denim overall is really quite good. But thank god i didnt like this as much that i would pay that price though it still look pretty decent when i tried it. Heng ah my rational mind could take control for this piece 😂 plus i figured i think i can find sth similar on #taobao!

Spotted these giant clutches which i think would look really nice for events! Plus the material is good lor. Also a sale-item! But i figured i can do without this haha

Thought this bag is kinda cute too!! Im a fan of the material for this bag! Also a sale-item i think $40+ after discount? I would say its worth it la, and i imagine it would look really good on petite girls 😊

The only thing i can complain about Urban Revivo is that their aircon is so freaking cold and the lighting in the fitting room sucks 😅 everytime i had to hurry and quickly snap my photos cos its so cold and the spotlight makes you look so overexposed zzzz

This is the only decent photo i have of the top and jeans that i bought!

During my last few visits ive been wanting to buy their jeans but i exercised my self-restraint. And finally now their jeans are on sale!!! The pair that i bought is priced at $36.90 after sale and i think its quite a good deal!

The top is like the most bo hua cos it costs $69.90 😱 but i CANNOT. The moment i saw it, even without trying i know i have to get it. Cos its another one of those effortless piece that would work as long as i throw it over a HWS or high waist jeans.

Love it for various reasons!
❤ Design and embellishments made it easy for me to match with anything high waist since the length is pretty short
❤ There's 2 ways i can wear it either as a cropped top with flutter sleeves or i can pull it down as an off-shoulder (as you see in pic)
❤ the fabric is like thick yet comfortable, nowhere near those cheap chiffon off shoulders that i get from #taobao
❤ it looks like a top i previously owned thats like worn-to-death and reached its end-of-life 😂

Managed to dig out the old top that i was reminded of! Embellishments at the bottom too! 🤗 #dayreshopping #dayreshopaholics


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