Rearranging my skincare routine with existing stash

TGIT! We're another day closer to the weekends! ✌

Wanna give myself a pat on my shoulder because after getting home so late from aerial yoga last night, i still managed to re-look at all my skincare stash, reorganised my AM/PM routine and religiously followed the new PM routine for the first time!

Much achievement? 😁

Only after this exercise, did i realise that actually i dont need new products. At least for now, unless the current ones fail me.

BUT, there are still some products that im not exactly sure where i could fit them into the routine!

Plus, some burning questions that i have! So i'm gonna pen them down here, and hopefully @sweetpea or any kind souls from #dayrebeauty could shed some light for me? Hahaha. At the same time, i'm also using my memo to remind myself about the "research" that i have to do on google 🤣

To begin with, i think i have dehydrated skin type + (hormonal acne)! I had a facial package with Jean Yip for some time and they did a skin analysis with some machine before and they always said my issue is: oily within, dry on the outside.

And each treatment they would be trying to help me 补水 i.e. hydrate!

So as expected, after getting home last night i realised i have ALOT more products for the same purpose 🤣🤣 either way, my AM/PM routine got looooonger lol. Im penting them down here cos i wanna read back one day to see how my routine evolves lol

AM Routine 2.0

+To be used only when necessary

I'm not introducing the Day Cream into my new AM routine for now because somehow i feel that i might not need an occlusive? And most importantly it makes me feel like my skin got oily again instead of sealing up all that hydration that i did prior 🤣 but im not saying no! Probably gonna try introducing it after this new AM/PM routine is tested to work for me

PM Routine 2.0

Now this is where it gets confusing as my PM routine obviously got so much longer than 1.0 😂😂 so long that i had to break them into 2 screenshots! Good thing is this is my full list but some of them are just steps i would do only when necessary or once/twice per week kind!

Woes of woman. I think every guy would faint when they read this ahahaha

Questions in my overloaded brain 😂

1. Is it normal for skin to feel sticky after certain step? Most of my items claimed its non-sticky so im wondering is it because i didnt allow sufficient waiting time between each product and the previous layer is not fully absorbed? Or its perfectly normal? Of course the stickiness im talking about here varies. Some is pretty mild that i can deal with it while some annoys me a little like the body Shop day cream!

2. These are the cleansers that i seldom/didnt use and i wonder if i could fit them into my routine or i should ditch them 😅

I bought the Cosrx Salicylic Cleanser because i saw the keyword Salicylic acid hahaha. But it feels quite drying on my skin somehow based on my first use impression!

The face shop rice all-in-one cleanser was a gift which i've never used before because "all-in-one" always sound dubious, like a blanket marketing term for me. Plus i recently tried the Rice sheet mask from Face Shop and i thought it was a disaster 😅 as it doesnt fit well to my face and it doesnt feel hydrating enough too!

Banila Clean It Zero is something that im hoping to use once a week for some deep cleansing! Though im not sure if i should slap on more oil to my face 😐

3. Am i right to fit these exfoliators right after double cleansing and before my Cosrx toner? And if im gonna use these 2x per week, do i still need my actives (chemical exfoliators) on those days?

More exfoliators? 😂

And more!

4. Where should clay masks fit then? Would it be after double cleansing, before toner as well?

These are all my sheet masks' stash!! And i've grouped them all under Sheet Masks under the Hydrators step since they all have hydrating effect 😅

And more sheet masks! But the hydrogel ones instead. I'm also grouping them under Hydrators even though some have different purposes that they claimed e.g. anti-trouble, recovery etc. But they all left my face feeling hydrated!

5. Now the question comes, where should modelling masks come under then? Currently i've classified them under Hydrators together with sheet masks hahaha.

6. Where do sleeping masks come under? Is that before or after treatments? Currently i've just classified them under Occlusives hahaha 🤔

Naruko is like a late bloomer for me haha. By that i mean it didnt leave me with a lasting good impression for the first use, but recently i've kept it in the fridge and tried it again, it feels so nice on the skin?! Though i still hate sleeping masks, dont they get rubbed onto your bolster???

Final question I promise!!

7. Where does LRP fit into my routine then? Its like a gel type concentrate. Web description says its perfect for a make-up base. Lol?? Is this a hydrator or an occlusive or a treatment? Confused.

Oh and while looking through my stash! I found these! I'm a total hoarder and i secretly love to collect travel size items. These were what i have kept and i still feel happy looking at them. BUT looking at my current routine, i doubt i will ever use/try this!! And i dont wanna waste it!

There're already other items im aiming for if the current ones doesnt work 🙊

So, holler at me if you think this would be useful for you! That is if anybody read till the end of this long lengthy post LOL

You realise it's your birthday month when…..

You open your inbox one day and see all these emails (and SMS) streaming in! Seems like such a nice gesture, but why you tempting me to spend more money!!! 😂

Currently tempted by Bottega, they're offering 20% discount and a free gift, maybe its a good time for me to stock up on more of my perfumes lol. Damm cheapskate, when my perfume already cost like <$20 and i still have 1.5 bottles left. Starbucks offer was quite meh for giving me a slice of cake, at least gimme 1-for-1?!

Bought my tickets to catch this Korea non-verbal play!!! I've always loved #Korea's theatricals and i actually shortlisted Bibim and included into my itinerary during my trip to Seoul last year but sadly we kinda overspent and i decided to give it a miss then. But i think its fated cos its now in SG! 😅

And there's like 50% OFF for early shows for passion card members, like damm good deal leh? Bought tickets for 11 June!! So gonna drag the boy along with me for this hehe

OMO i died!!! Cannot wait to watch this episode tomorrow morning!! #jichangwook #suspiciouspartner #loveintrouble #kdramas


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