Less is More / K-Mask Scandal

Welcome to the weekends world!! Early morning in-bed reading about skincare again and i feel like i was enlightened again HAHA πŸ˜…

Sharing some insightful ones that i screengrabbed! This is on a post regarding "Recovery routine" which sounds like its meant for me?? Because these weeks (even before i changed my routine) i have been having breakouts appearing one after another and it seems like that bacteria just never got out.

Now i finally find a post with modelling masks involved! Hahaha so these are classified as "heavier things" together with occlusives and i guess it makes sense for me to stop these for now until my skin gets slightly better on track! Even after my long post on rearranging the order of my AM/PM routine, truth be told ive been adjusting it and cutting down on some steps in between based on what i feel on my skin after and gut sense lol. Like how i started cutting out occlusives!

Fans of #Korean beauty masks! Have you heard of this? My first time coming across this article πŸ˜… #dayrebeauty

This was the article i came across or you can also google it


Saw some video about how the masks are manually folded at home and tbh it worries me a little because all it takes is just 1 individual to have slightly less than ideal home conditions or improper handling right? Of course there were also photos posted by users where they found strands of hair folded within the masks 😱

Unfortunately i havent had time to really read up fully on this but thought its good to share! Make it a habit to always check your sheet mask b4 you put it on πŸ€”

Btw its not recent news as the article was published in Q3 2016! Amidst other articles that i read, it was said that while most of Mediheal masks are done in automated facilities but as there are too many types, there's some of their masks which are manually folded at home. Yet to validate if its still ongoing though. Oh i also came across SWAP's entries where she mentioned sth along the lines of Taiwanese masks > Korean masks as the former is machine folded.

Something i have yet to cfm too!

Have you heard?! Breaking news in the Korean entertainment industry every now and then. First it was Kim Woo Bin πŸ˜•, and now its TOP having admitted to his marijuana charges.

Saturdate with le bf!! Posting overdue photos that we took during our anniversary. I seldom post our photos on social media but decided to since he earned some brownie pts when he called me earlier, calling me 美美and being so nice even though he waited for like 40mins for me HAHA


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