Lazada Surprise Boxes

Anyone keen to see what's in my adidas surprise box?

I did my very FIRST unboxing video last night!! And its actually quite funny to watch my own expressions which i otherwise wouldnt have seen 🤣🤣

#lazada #dayreshopping #dayreshopaholics #gss

I just realise Dayre only allows max 15s video! While my unboxing video is at least 45s long 🤣 i'll do a quick edit and upload it later at night!

Meanwhile, it's TGIF me-time!!! Gonna find a cafe joint to chill and catch up on these #kdramas before my brow waxing appt heee

Guys, i urge all to catch Love in Trouble! Ji Chang Wook literally shoots hearts from his eyes can 😍

Did a quick edit to condense my 45s long video into 15s!

@candycanegirl this is for you! 🤣

Can i say, i was actually a little disappointed? I thought the whole point of surprise box is that the content will be DIFFERENT. Like every adidas surprise box might come with different items or at least different designs? I guess they are either worried that they might offend customers if some starts to complain why his watch nicer? But why do i feel that its more like they're mass clearing stocks 😅

Well, the watch isnt really my style. I find it more like a men's watch. Lets hope the boy would like it!

So this arrived in my mailbox two days back! I have come across various sources where people would rave about this! And since there's gss sales on Lazada, i got thid at only $8!

Indeed, this is amazing! Its like multi-purpose which can be used in so many different ways! Sometimes i use it as a mask, sometimes i use it as a moisturizer and sometimes i use it as a sleeping pack! Plus point is, its super nice smelling! I leave this on the fridge so it feels really good on the skin heh

And just to share, this is where i keep all my acne patches! Super cute isnt it???

I first bought this in Korea, and theres 3M patches within it. Ever since i started keeping all the acne patches i bought within this box!

Btw i just carted out like 4×24 Cosrx acne patches earlier today because im finishing my first sheet in like teo days!! Cosrx goes within this box too!


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