There goes the weekend.

Had a really random weekend just doing spontaneous stuff like going to the arcade and the boy winning me a pokeball plushie from those UFO catchers for the very first time lol.

We also tried Nobu-ya, a Japanese eatery that we chanced upon at least a year ago while we were otw to Froth, previously at Big Hotel!

Pity my IG stories are gone already, if not i wanted to share the chalkboard outside the restaurant! Cos it says…

Don't come here if you don't drink

Upon arriving, the first question the staff asked us was also…

"Are you going to drink?"

I was taken aback a little. So i said non-alcoholic can? And he said, nope alcoholic only.

Being suckers, we said ok. Actually i was alr warned by the boy as he had read reviews prior haha.

The chef will also allocate your seats and you dont get a say. From reviews, he have denied customers before as well.

Anyway he put us at some makeshift table OUTSIDE when there were still a lot of seats inside. He probably observed and felt like we wouldnt stay long šŸ˜…

All he does is to stand outside, observe, allocate seats and make sure his staff serve customers well. There's at least 5 servers outside, more than enough to serve everyone.

For people who love sashimi? Highly recommended šŸ–’

We also had some pre-dinner snacks at this place along Liang Seah Street simply because 1st pint of beer goes at $1 (Tiger beer only) and skewers were @ $1 each as well! In total, we only spent like $20 for 2 pints of beer and some skewers!!

Dropped by our friend's place in Punggol for some mahjong session and chit-chat. Super stoked that our friend got their first EC!!

Feels like a lot of close friends are getting married in 2018, lets hope all our dates doesnt clash with each other šŸ˜…

The only planned activity last weekend was probably this lol.

Finally caught Bibimbap! Wanted to catch it in #Korea previously but it didnt happen. But tbh, this pales in comparison to all those that I have watched previously. I found it quite lame?

The boy, on the other hand seems he really enjoyed it. He laughed so hard at one of the segments that he teared šŸ˜‚ at least my tickets didnt go to waste lol

Got this printed too!!! Too cute leh, i cannot

And collected my birthday gift from Sephora! Tarte cheek blusher & lippie!!!


With this, i hereby end my shopping spree šŸ˜… 开始ęƏ天吃面包å’Æ!


Planning for Yilan & Hualien

Found some really nice minsu that im excited to book but i can only book when im certain that its in the way of where i wanna go/be!

Plotted my wishlist into Google Map!

Hualien is looking quite good ya?

Now take a look at Yilan, all the places that i wanna go are like scattered all over! šŸ˜ØšŸ˜ØšŸ˜Ø

Took a look at it just now, and i cant afford to eliminate any of them leh! #Taiwan #dayretravel

Anybody has any recommendations for cab drivers based in Yilan/Hualien?


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