Good morning World, its Thursday!!
Here's a mirror selfie with my new cam, in this #taobao kimono top that i totally adore!

Now i can totally understand why this top was commonly seen in the #taobao hashtags on this community cos the fit is so flattering! I love kimono wrap tops because they accentuate your 线条, it literally conceals your tummy and bring out your waistline 🙊

Meeting Joyce today so i made sure i put on some new clothes instead of my old boring ones that i wear so often 😅

Oh, can i confess too? I feel so handicapped with my new camera!!! LOL i mean its awesome when i wanna take objects etc. But its always a disaster when the object = me 😂

After using phones for the longest time, my "angling" with my new camera sucks lol. Plus, it doesnt help when the lens is quite bulky, so tilted abit you know? I took like 10 selfies, and none of them passed. And with the new toy syndrome, im damm careful with it!

I need a hand strap for my camera, why they no give!

多一张! More of the face this time!
Love the colour of the top on my skin!



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