New bed sheets, perfect for flatlays! πŸ™Š

Finally unwrapped my #Taobao loots this morning and look what came!

New specs for me to hiao! As fashion accessories i mean, doesnt come with prescription lenses!

What i'm most proud of is this "pull and bear" specs! The box and the specs look like the real deal man, super exquisite 😍 and only 58RMB ahahaha

Rare times when i would buy earrings! But cant resist, since its so cheap on Taobao!!

Love the furballs especially! So fluffy!

Finally, its FRIYAY!!

I can't wait to get home to slap on my mask and to nua on bed! But before that, i've got some work to complete πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

My birthday present from @joycetoh this year!

Such a good combi isn't it? Skincare & makeup ζ ·ζ ·ιƒ½ζœ‰! Mizon is like this new brand that we found out ever since we started reorganising our skincare routine! Tried it once last night, so far so good! I'm really loojing forward to see what this snail secretion thing can do to my skin since it has been highly raved!


Trying very hard to get nice photos with my new camera. It looks super unflattering to whoever that is holding the camera 🀣 so we went hands-free!

But hey, i think my papparazzi photos of her 不错leh?


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