Day 1 – KL Bound

Taken in my hotel's bathroom. Love the lighting in the bathroom!!! Told the boy that next time our bathroom must have such mirrors!!

Current situation: waiting for my foot massage time at 2nd floor! Overlooking the Jalan Alor food street hehe

RM60 for 60mins of foot reflexology + 10 mins shoulder & neck! Quite a good deal la hor?

My feet hurt so much 😅 i used to be able to walk a lot! Not sure if its age catching up on me, or that i accidentally sprained my feet 😑

Anyway just today alone, we have conquered below according to plan!
⭕ Buy express bus to genting @ KL Sentral
⭕ Lunch & explore Nu Sentral
⭕ Shop at Lot 10 (the boy scored two jackets at Zara for about $80!)
⭕ Check-in at Hotel
⭕ Happy Hour (the bar at our hotel is super affordable!)
⭕ Grabtaxi to Twin Towers
⭕ Walk to Pavillion
⭕ Tea Break @ Greyhound

⭕ Shop at Sungei Wang
⭕ Shop at Berjaya Times Square
⭕ Dinner at Jalan Alor
⭕ Foot massage now at Jalan Alor!

We are contemplating to grab dim sum back later or happy hour at our hotel's bar again after the foot massage before calling it a night!

Tbh feeling very shagged now cos i only slept 3hrs last night and 5hrs for the past weekdays! 😴😴😴

Most photos are in my camera! So im just gonna upload those in my phone.. this is a selfie taken together with my choice of drink – watermelon sangria at the bar!

Only RM16 per glass! Less than $6 leh 😁😁😁 the boy's kronenbourg blance cost RM23 per PINT, which is like <$8!

#dayretravel #kl #malaysia


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