KL + Genting [Part 1]

It's time to clear the backlog and get this long overdue post done while im stuck at the Causeway Jam ironically πŸ˜…! Can't believe i actually have to resort to writing my posts in draft mode whenever i get some free time to do so πŸ˜…


Anyway, i realise somehow there isnt as many blog posts on KL + Genting? Im guessing its also because most simply take a coach up to Genting from SG.

Since i'm the sort who couldnt sit still for long and hate long journeys, i couldnt imagine having to put myself through long hours of coach ride! I know many said its very comfortable and can just sleep or something, but i simply cant. I can only sleep properly when im lying down πŸ˜‘ i decided to fly up to #KL and take a bus up to Genting instead!

Best decision ever because i felt like i maximised my leave hahaha, and i really enjoyed my short stay in KL!

So the flight from Changi Airport to KL took about an hour? πŸ˜… SQ will serve you a drink and you get to enjoy your in-flight entertainment for awhile….before your movie even reaches the climax, you would have probably landed lol.

Reached KL at about 8am+ and thankfully the immigration queue was a breeze! We opted for KLIA express instead of getting a GrabTaxi because i was warned of the jam.

Note: KLIA express cost like RM200 for two pax return trip! So about $35/pax!

It's really simple to get your hands onto the KLIA express tickets because there were counters everywhere! Train ride intervals are about 15-20minutes i think! You can check out the timings on the website below.


Here's a pic of us on KLIA express! Really comfy, reminded me of KORAIL haha. The ride will take you about 25minutes to reach KL Sentral πŸ˜„

For those who are also going to Genting from KL, here's a tip! Always try to buy your tickets in advance!

Its pretty convenient if you're taking KLIA express from airport like us because the resort world genting bus ticketing counter is also at KL Sentral! The counter is located at the basement of the interchange, somewhere near the escalators where you go up to Nu Sentral.

Suggest to check out the timings and plan in advance!


Unfortunately most of the photos i took of the tickets and counter were on my IG story and i forgot to save them after 24h πŸ˜•

In any case, the counter is really easy to recognise! Think i recall it says resort world genting or something. You can only buy your bus tickets there which cost RM4.30 per pax and it will bring you to the Genting Skyway where you have to purchase the skyway tickets!

As our hotel check-out time was 12pm and First World Hotel check-in was 3pm, so we bought the 1.30pm bus tickets!!

Make sure you arrive at least 10minutes in advance ya, as we noticed that the buses really leave on the dot!

So after buying our tickets, we had our lunch @ Nu Sentral and took monorail to Bukit Bintang!

Thanks to my colleagues, they strongly recommended me to stay in Bukit Bintang as thats where most of the malls are and its exceptionally near to Jalan Alor Food Street!

Oh and they have also warned me to bring a fan because their monorails can get REALLY PACKED and hot πŸ˜… if you find SG's bad, you might want to avoid their monorails haha.

So Monorail from KL Sentral to Bukit Bintang took us less than 10mins!

What i really wanted to share is our accomodation in KL guys!!

This was recommended by @cherylene27 and i was sold when i saw how big (yet affordable) it is PLUS its in Bukit Bintang!! ✌

This suite that comes with a kitchenette, balcony, living & dining area costs us only $71/night WITH wifi and breakfast provided 😁😁😁

Spot the balcony where the curtains are!

While walking to our hotel from Bukit Bintang (~about 7mins walk), the boy spotted a few boutique hotels and was saying like how cool those look and we should stay in those until……

The moment he reaches ours, he spotted an open bar that says ALL-DAY HAPPY HOUR and his eyes lit up 😍😍 Kronenbourg blanc @ RM23 per pint 🀀 yes thats like less than $8! And theres like additional 15% discount for hotel guests πŸ˜‰

And he was like…

Can we have a pint first before we go to Petronas Twin Tower? One for the road! 🀣

The room was so comfy and spacious that we obviously rested for quite awhile before we headed out again πŸ˜… the boy found himself sitting comfortably at the sofa watching his tv while i was exploring the toilets and balcony and…some pictures time πŸ˜†

This is the view from our balcony. Nothing spectacular but hey, its still something different for a change!

Yup the space you see behind me is our tiny balcony haha

My favourite has got to be the toilet though! Because it has this huge mirror at the toilet and basin area, perfect for photos! Lazy to photogrid my photo so yup Dayre square ruined this but if not the mirror you could see 3/4 of your body!

And hey, thats my new Olympus baby 😎

And yup this is the bar i was talking about! Looks pretty chill right? I kinda like the open concept and decor hehe. Opted for a bar counter seat 😎


Sitting at the area where bartenders tap the beer~

Sangria for RM16!!!

Not forgetting to get the boy to take some photos for me! Training him to be the next instagram boyfriend 🀣 i kid!

My watermelon Sangria! That tasted as good as it looks πŸ˜‹

Another photo ruined by Dayre squares hahaha. Btw, these photos are taken by my trusty Olympus!

Last photo at the bar before we GrabTaxi to the Twin Towers!

When in Msia, always use Grab haha since thats their HQ. Cost us only RM7 πŸ™Š thats almost like equivalent to SG's booking fee haha

Hehe mandatory shot at Twin Towers!

One of my favourite wefies taken during the trip πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

We literally came all the way here just for 10minutes of photo-taking hahaha. First time in KL mah!

Now at least we can say "Been there, done that!" Definitely skipping this the next time i'm in KL πŸ™Š

The rest of the day was just LEG DAY for us because we walked from Twin Tower back to Pavillion, Fahrenheit, Sungei Wang and Times Square! πŸ˜… anyway theres an air conditioned link bridge so it was really convenient!

Stop over at Greyhound for a tea break!

Taken by the #instagrambfintraining πŸ˜‚ ζœ‰feel bah!

Love this candid shot ❀

Not sure whether it was because i was pretty hungry that time but Greyhound chicken wings was surprisingly yums!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I think this was a nice shot that i took for the boy while he was in his nothing box! Managed to capture the restaurant interior too heh

By the time we were done with the malls, we walked to the Jalan Alor Food Street!

Probably cos it was too crowded, we were too tired from the walking and still feeling full from the Greyhound, we didnt eat much there!

Its like a row of zi char hawkers on one side and street vendors on another side. All i recalled was us randomly sitting down for zichar. Bkt was decent but their drunken prawns was 😐😐😐

After dinner we headed to a foot massage parlour just round the corner! Cant remember the name but its located on the 2nd floor!

Think we paid less than $20 for 1hr foot massage + 10mins shoulder & back massage! The seats were like lined up in a row facing a glass panel overlooking the Jalan Alor Food street. And theres TV and free WiFi! ✌

Ended our day by dabao-ing some food and chilling them at our hotel bar for the 2nd time!

Day 2 we were due for check-out πŸ˜• Just got to take another photo in the morning before heading downstairs for breakfast haha

Hotel brekkie in this nice chill place

When actually the other side was the bar we hung out at on Day 1 🀣



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