Hello Dayre,

This week has been extremely miserable. Stress level is at its peak. To-do list is forever piling and not getting striked off (ironically). Fulfilment is not there because i feel like i'm not working smart in a way? And i feel helpless for not being able to manage things as per my expectations. I'm not sure if it's just me putting too much stress upon myself? But truly, i feel quite lousy about myself.

Also, it aint exactly helping that my pillar of strength is equally strapped.

As such I had do distract myself with a lot of other stuff such as retail therapy, pre-wedding thoughts and all.

So glad that this week is almost ending, although that means im one week closer to my deadlines 😅. I'm just hoping that i can get to have a quality weekend with the boy and get some rest!

Finally done for today!!!

Heading home with an empty stomach, craving for my Curry maggi now 😋

No joke, so much crisis to deal with today. Since stepping into the office, i have been parking myself in a meeting room from literally 10am to 10pm. Till the extent where my colleague had to reply to my IG story and asked me if i came to work today 😂😂

After a long week, i finally see something coming to light lol. Just after i wrote the post this morning. Managed to clear some of my backlog and felt that bit of satisfaction today!

Now its time to go through all the #PWS documents that my coordinator has sent! And start shopping this weekend 😎

Sneak peek at my moodboard! This is like 1/9 pages! Keeping the more unique ones behind, shall share if it materialises!

Waiting for the boy to get back to me with his thoughts 🤗


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