Dear Dayre,

I used to look forward to going work with the boy on alt Mondays. But these days its been taking a toll on us. Why? The boy is unhappy with his job.

Its easy to tell. Because Sunday nights he would toss n turn or he would sleep very late because he is dreading Monday. Come Monday morning, you would feel that he is down and every step he takes is probably a heavy one.

I'm not a quitter and i always believe that things will eventually work out. So back when he originally told me that he wanted to quit, I told him that it takes time to adjust to a new job. Give it a year.

Its been 1 year 4 months now and he is still unhappy. Back to the recent times when this topic was brought up, i would always tell him "if you're unhappy about something, you need to do something about it."

Find a job. But it hasnt been easy as well.

After dragging it on for so many months, i cant help but to also feel like i contributed to part of his unhappines. If it was just him, im quite sure he would have resigned last year. But he is holding on because of me. Because of our commitments. Because he knows its a decision that i dont really support – to quit w/o a job and a concrete plan.

So today, i told him. Do it if you have to.


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