This sticker is all LIES. because Sophie is looking so happy about this week. Can I say its just the opposite for me? πŸ˜‘

Last weekend's session to get our η»“ε©šε‰ζ—₯was a total flop πŸ˜… the master gave me very bad vibes and anyway he said the ι€šδΉ¦ for next year is only available after 7th month and asked me to come back Early Oct.

But nope, aint happening! He has this really stoned and straight face and guess what he asked us when we first sat down after telling him that we want to get a date.

δ½ δ»¬ε‡ ζ—Άθ¦η»“ε©š?

If I can cholse my own dates, I still come to you for what ah πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Anyway this week and next week would be a horrendous week i would imagine!

Im just looking forward to the weekend that we could get something done lol. Arranged for two appointments this weekend, hopefully they're available!!

What went down at Beerfest over the weekend 😁

Update: Going to meet a 师爢 tomorrow night to get the wedding dates!!

The Budget Brides facebook group is really super helpful!! Was so desperate after yesterday's futile attempt that i texted a few people and also turned to the FB group to ask for recommendations. Most recommended Master Long and when i googled, apparently he is SG's top 5 geomancer together with David Tong?

Tried my luck to contact Master Long, but i guess he is so popular that he can only fix an appointment 2 months after πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Didnt try David Tong because i think they are of the same league, same price, same package πŸ˜… saw some comments online that David is also very busy and takes week (s) for an appointment.

Got a contact from the FB group, called them but we couldnt fix an appt timing because they are not open on weekends, and doesnt sound exactly willing to meet on late weekdays, and just said SEE HOW.

So nope, uncertainty is the last thing i want lolol

I also texted another shifu last night and she was quite responsive over SMS. This morning i texted her again and she called me immediately! Sounded really nice and said she can do it immediately and so we fixed an appt for tomorrow night!!

Price was also significantly cheaper 😁😁 so im a happy girl that i get to save!



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