First Gown Fitting

Whenever possible, always try to snap photos during your gown fitting session. Because what you think looks good in front of the mirror may not exactly look as good in the photos. True story yo~ πŸ˜‚ Like certain designs looked okay irl, but in photos the laces stood out so much!! πŸ˜‘

So I briefly mentioned that I went to The Gown Warehouse last Sat! I've got nothing but compliments for them because their service was really good! Cant comment much about their gown range since its only the first i've been and i have no basis of comparison. Think i tried on easily 10 gowns????? The staff helped me to pick up gown of each cutting so that i can try what suits my body type well! #dayrebrides


This was the very first gown that I tried! And i must say i really like Trumpets though this design didnt look as nice on 2nd, 3rd, 4th glance hahaha.

And disclaimer, all gowns tried are just off the rack, not fit to my size. Most of them were either too small or too loose for me 😭


And then i tried this high neckline mermaid dress! Till now, i still cant differentiate between mermaid and trumpet πŸ˜‚

Another mermaid dress that i tried! 重点for this dress is the mesh back!!

Sheath Dress

Tried this because i wanted sth really simple for my solemnisation! But it was such a pity as TGW had 4 of such "leg splitting" dresses but 3 were rented out πŸ˜• so no luck in trying them!

A Line

And here comes the boy's favourite haha. Off shoulder with A line cutting!

Just because its the boy's favourite, je obviously took more shots lol

Ball Gown

Now this is one of the classic example of what looked good in the studio but looked meh in photos lol.

Btw, this ball gown was freaking heavy. All those that i tried earlier i could manage them on my own except this lol.

After i put on this, the boy was really convinced that off shoulder suits me after this 2 consecutive outfits. I think it was because of my tanned bikini lines and protruding collar bones LOL

Anyway! I dont like the laces on the train hahaha. Got look like ζ‘ŒεΈƒor not? Haha!


I requested to try kua too because i wanted to know if it would suit me. Not everybody looks good in tea dresses ok. And indeed i think i looked like a clown? LOL!

Just look at this. I CANNOT.

Here comes the important question #dayrebrides, is it a must to wear kua for tea ceremony? And if i dont wear kua, what do i wear?

Evening Gown

TGW told me that most brides only try white gowns and not evening gowns because the collection is ever changing so they usually only try nearer the event. But either way i requested to try hahaha. Just for fun. And i wanted to see what colour suits me as im thinking of alternative themes for my wedding now that my English Garden wedding theme is scraped lol

This colour was a love at first sight for me!!! And by now you can tell that i love Trumpet hahaha.

But once again, this piece doesnt suit me. I couldnt even pull it up and have it past my hips lol. So just try this gown being slightly higher than what it is now ok? πŸ˜‚

Lol looking totally preggy here my gosh


Spot that GIANT clip πŸ˜‚ this was the only gown that the staff placed a clip on it, if not the gown would just slipped down hahaha

Can you see my tan lines?? Hahaha

This was me almost tripping over the dress and having my hands out to balance and cushion my potential fall lolol

Adulting is tough indeed 😐

Gonna head to Hotel Fort Canning tomorrow to settle the paperwork!

And Sat i've decided to check out two other bridal studios!

❀ Silhouette
❀ Divine Couture

Called Silhouette for an appt and in the end they mentioned that they have a workshop called Find the Wedding Gown that suits you or something. Since its free, so i signed up! Just for fun hahaha


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