Best news ever today!

I'm gonna be an AUNT!! 😄😄

This weekend was good in every way! Started my TGIF with @sitianwong whom i havent met in two months! Felt like i havent updated her on so much stuff – wedding prep, proposal, work and all things random.

Obviously i cannot really multi task talking with eating. Because most of the time i think it was just her cooking and feeding me during our Mookata session 😅 continued our catch-up at Macs!

Sat morning i woke up super early because my mum just came into my room. Told her i would probably wake up at 8+, and she opened my door super loudly and came into my room at 7.50am asking if im late 😅

Wardrobe crisis until i was late and had to grab a cab down to Silhouette the Artelier at Emerald Hill!

So glad the bestie was super spontaneous and joined me in the workshop!

Gown shopping with a girlfriend and a fiance really feels different – both good in their own ways haha.

This cute IG story that she took when i just arrived! Not sure why theres no preview for this video in Dayre 😅

Tried a few gowns and sneaked a photo just to show the boy🙊

Bought myself a new reed diffuser! Im super lazy to edit so im just gonna let Dayre crop my photo lol.

I love the scents at Flaming Queen!!
This 280ml doesnt come cheap but good thing is its 100% oil, theres no alcohol at all so it lasts longer and doesnt diffuse so quickly. A bottle lasts for like 8 to 9 months and comes with microfibre sticks – which im told that you wont have to switch sides.

I was torn between FOUR scents but bought White Ginger Lily because it smells like Shangri-la 😂


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