This is me the entire week. Lunchtime i'll be busy running errands and dabao-ing. After work i'll be meeting potential pg/vgs for our AD next year!

Seeing the boy almost everyday since Tue to Thu after work to meet the vendors, now thats a first! Considering that we hardly meet on weekdays at all. Guess this can also make up for less time spent this weekend due to my staycay. Not helping that Sat we are meeting another vendor too 🤣

Surprisingly, the boy had more involvements during the PG/VG meetup. Like most of the times im the particular one when it comes to aesthetics and presentations. I'll evaluate the mood of the shots, the composition, the post-edits, the creativity etc. Whereas most of the times he is ok so long as im ok.

But for the first time he actually voiced out his thoughts strongly about what is no-no, what is good etc. And im so glad we're on the same page! 😁

Starting to change my thoughts about #weddingprep that its actually quite fun and i feel like it helped us to discover and understand each other more as well! Like its so obvious that our moods changed when we meet the right vendors that could hit it off well with us 😊


Checking out the weather forecast for my PWS on 7th Nov!

Never been happier to see that 🌞🌞🌞


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