A continuation of yesterday's post on the Fruitti Tutti hen party we had for Izzah!

This poor girl we made her wear a sash and tiara to MBS Koufu at like dinner peak hours 🤣 And she got so much judging looks thrown at her hahaha. Luckily she had the Bride to Be shades to hide her face lol.

This girl really sporting though, did our challenge and went to a front desk staff to ask for congratulations cos she is getting married HAHA

We made her wear a sexy watermelon suit too! Hahaha sharing one of the BTS shots. Since it was on timer and burst shots, we kept throwing fruits to capture motion.

This was an EPIC moment because Izzah happily threw the fruit in her hands up and hit Pris's head! It went like "KOK!" And Pris went "AHH!"

Lolol we were super proud that the moment was captured so that Pris's sacrifice did not go to waste 😂

We wanted to act yi ge atas in the bathtub but somehow our photos always ended up weird. Like this……..



We went The Birds for brunch and i really love the ambience and decor there! We were asked to go to the dining area downstairs (which is lovely) but i love the bar tables upstairs too!

Anyway food is good. Service is good. Ambience is good. Decor is good. They were playing our all-time favourite songs that tempted us to have a KTV session for the next meet-up and i even went to ask the staff to find out which Spotify Playlist they're playing hahaha


I have finally confirmed my photographer and videographer!! After like weeks of research and a full week of meeting up with the vendors. Real tiring i would say.

But am super happy now that i found them and actually have faith that i can leave it in their good hands. I think this is the most important? About working with the right people and trusting them.

Tip: Always meet your vendors.


What's up with the rain this weekend ah? Such a bummer because plans were affected!

After the staycay yesterday, was supposed to drop my barang at the boy's place and head town to shop. In the end it started pouring so heavily that i was stranded at the bus stop and couldnt cross opposite. Usually if its a little rain, i would heck it. But yesterday was almost like TYPHOON in Ubi please. So the mister came to the rescue.

Even with the umbrella and shelter i was getting drenched. Wind was so strong that i kept getting pushed. Right after coming out of the lift, there was this long corridor that i got to cross. I was literally screaming and and prepping myself to cross it because i could SEE the wind 😨

The boy tried to take a video of me hahahahaha but by then the wind wasnt as strong anymore. Im quite sure that could be a very valuable video 😅

Ended up sleeping through the afternoon thanks to the rain!

Guess what? The same thing happened again today. And i was stranded at another bus stop right i alighted. Always so near yet so far to my final destination.

As if its not worse enough, the bus stop i was stranded at had no shelter lolol. Texted my friends and thankfully my friend came to the rescue!! ❤

Haji Lane

This was literally me. I just realise i havent been to Haji Lane for the longest time?! Just walking down the lanes, i saw so many nice chic clothes that caught my eye! I'm not someone who can get clothes easily off brick n motar shops these days especially dresses!

So when one of it on the mannequin caught my eye, i knew i had to get it. Even though it isnt pocket friendly 😕


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