DIY Bouquet

Happy me when my #taobao loots arrived!!

Bought something very different from my usual buys this time 🙊

Looook, its flowers!

Carted out a bunch of flowets from various Taobao shops based on what i envisioned my bouquet to be!

Cept' that i originally wanted to do 1 bouquet but guess its gonna be 2 now 😅

Fake roses! Chose 3 shades – white, champagne and blush.

Missing a photo of the blush ones. The blush didnt turn out as what i expected it to be though, it turned out more pinkish than coral.

The flowers also turned out bigger, at least 1.5x the size of these white & champagne ones!

Most of the dried flowers were spot on though! That lavender scent 😍 perfect for a rustic bunch!

To me, the hardest is not about wrapping the bouquet lol. The hardest is "treating" the flowers. Unbundling them, sorting stalks by stalks, removing the unecessary stuff like leaves, broken stems etc, choosing the stalks that you wanna use and all. The 2nd hardest would be choosing the flowers that you want to put together! Because more often than not, what you envision might not be what you get. Every bouquet is different and cannot be easily replicated.

So this was the half sorted mess! Lol

All my tools were bought from #taobao too! From the florist wire to the burlap ribbons to the strings (forgot the term suddenly) lol

This was after im done with the sorting and im just putting them together to see if the colours are what i like!

I'm in love with that cotton flower btw though i think it doesnt sit in as nicely with the others 😭

I was hesistant about adding those purple flowers because it could either turn out very nice or very bad lol. And i decided not to eventually because im all for minimalistic! Though some of the unconventional bold flowers does catch my eye too, like with a sudden red. But i think my standards aint there yet lolol.

Btw this is just my first attempt at dried bouquets and 2nd attempt with bouquets haha

After almost an hour….

My dried rustic bouquet is done! Not exactly what I envisioned and i feel like I could do better. Possibilities are endless too but i dont think i have the time to redo 😕 its about 3 weeks more to our #pws in #Taiwan and my schedule is so jam packed from now till then! Had a one hour free slot today before i go out and was quite amazed that i could finish it in time lol

This mismatched dried bouquet is growing on me though.

The reason why I did this was because i wanted bouquets that could have their stems seen. And im worried that the ones provided by my studio in #Taiwan isnt. Since most of the time its just normal round bouquets. Neither do i really want to spend a bomb buying real bouquet there. So yup, DIY it is!

Hopefully i'll put this to good use though?

Cant wait to see how the roses bouquet would turn out. Shall save that for next time!


Took leave today to grace the celebration of Xiao Xiao & Junwei! They did their ROM 2 years back and today its their tea ceremony 😊

Poor boy woke up at 6am this morning to be one of the brothers. Came home at 6pm, by right we're supposed to head out for dinner. But he zonked out till now lol.

And i've already cooked and ate my own dinner. More free time tonight i guess? Lol


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