Feeling proud of myself because I'm ALMOST done with our itinerary! The only thing that is left now is to book for our TRA 台铁tickets which i'm honestly quite kanchiong about. Because 1) what if i can't get the express tickets to hualien? Most sites mentioned you got to camp at 12am, 2) what if the timing i want is sold out, 3) what if my flight is delayed on that day and i missed my train?

😒😒😒 Girls being girls, endless worries lolol.

Simply can't wait for the trip now! Need. That. Break.

Oh and one fun fact i noticed about myself. As i get older, seems like my itinerary gets less elaborate 😅 i used to plan everything to the T. Like down to the details and timings. But now its mostly just locations and addresses hahah. The time column is hardly filled unless theres operating hours to note or trains to catch.

I used to be like the ambitious overachiever-wannabe too. That FOMO is real. Every day would be packed with must-dos

But in recent years, im been keeping it to a minimum.

I guess one day i wouldnt be surprised if i end up on a "plan-less" trip hahaha

I feel like Ugly Betty now for some reason. Like there's "black moles" near my eyes though even though its temporary 😕

Just finished my facial and back treatment and did the millia seeds laser removal!

Tbh, it did come across my mind because my mum did hers previously and asked me to do it too. But i jist brushed her off because it hasnt been a concern for me. But lately either I have gotten more of those, or that they have grew bigger, for me to notice it 😑😑😑

Its kind of worrying too because it felt like it was spreading across my face slowly but surely and i heard it will get bigger?!

So yup i got psychoed to do it. Pretty easily since i already had that intention. I'm probably just feeling sucky because i feel that i could get it done cheaper elsewhere.

BUT looking at my schedule i dont have time to fit in another appointment before my shoot. And i also want to give it sufficient recovery time. So suck thumb lor.

Lets hope the results is good.

Spot those millia seeds 😕

Wearing a cap out to conceal them and to hide from the sunlight hahaha. Feels like a vampire cos everybody i meet, tells me to avoid the sunlight. So ok lor, i go out when its nearing sunset lol


Guess what we did? Sometimes im really grateful that the boy is quite game for most things 😅

Randomly suggested to go night scooting/cycling to marina barrage for a night picnic and…..

To rehearse and try couple poses for the #pws

Took a behind the scenes video, super funny man! All we took for two 3 minutes videos of 5-6 poses. Just after the 1st pose, he was perspiring so much! 笑死我。

Tbh i was quite worried cos he fell sick lately and his weight dropped to 65kg while im freaking 56kg lolol

Some of the poses that we attempted. Most required effort from him except one pose which totally killed me lol

The fireman lift! I wonder how the girl could still smile. Its a lot of corework with my stomach pressing against his stomach, 痛死了!

But damm fun lol. The boy was saying this can go into my wedding video LOL.


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