Omg i've been wanting to write about my Taiwan trip but seems like time is not with me.

Been trying to gain back that work momentum and adjust back to life in Singapore. Hahahahaha trust me im having a hard time adjusting back because food is amazingly cheap in Taiwan and so yummy.

On my 1st day back to SG, i had severe cramps. Good timing i know. On the 2nd day back to SG (which is my 1st day back to work), the CCL line broke down while on my way to work.

At work, i realise that my colleagues sharing the big workstation with me are ALL sick 😨😨😨. True enough, i had sore throat n cough right after. After work, SMRT decided to have lesser NSL trains during peak hours (im not sure why). I knocked off at 7pm and reached home 9pm when usually it takes me 50mins – 1 hr max 😑

Tell me, how to adjust back to life in SG??? 😂

Adulting woes is also scary. Working out all the finances is really no joke. I'm really not quite sure how we gonna make it next year with the wedding, house and what not 😕

Anyway i digress from the original intention of my post. I wanted to share a new product!!

If there's one thing I learnt in Taiwan is the importance of skin conditioner!! I believe thats the same as what we call Toner here?

So for the #pws, i had a MUA assigned to me. And she was the same MUA for my ex-colleague, we cliqued really well i would say! So i tried to pick up a skill or two from her haha. My makeup and hairdo took almost 3hours btw!

Before she applied the makeup, she had to prep my skin well enough. Other than the ampuoles, i recalled she soaked cotton pads with some liquid and left it on my face for a good 3-4minutes. Thereafter, my face felt really moisturized!!

So after the shoot, i asked her for the product name 😂

This is the one!!

It has been a life saviour for me ever since im back to SG. And no joke, but i bring this huge bottle with me everywhere i go hahaha



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