Hello 2018!

Been wanting to update this space, but i always get a writer's block – not sure how to start and where to start.

So 2017 flew past in a blink of an eye. And it's already 2018. I welcomed 2018 with much more excitement than uncertainty and i hope that sparkle will continue and not dull 😅

Last Christmas, the boy wrote me a card and it says something along the lines of "its the last Christmas we'll be spending as boyfriend and girlfriend" and that struck me lol.

Friends were also reminding me that its the last year we get to collect angbaos 🤣

This adulthood is hard man lol

On another note its almost ten months away from the AD. I'm liking how im taking my own sweet time now to browse for inspiration and to bookmark what i want and getting down to speaking to potential vendors.

Just hope i dont sit at this too long that i become a bridezilla last minute 😂

Now that i'm almost fixated on the colour palette that i would want for the big day, its down to putting together the moodboard!

Finalising our wedding bands, florist and JP is on my top priority now!


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