Back to complete the other #kdrama series that i wanted to recommend the other day hah

I Am Not A Robot

This is another drama series that i'm currently hooked on! I must say it doesnt have the most intriguing plot or whatsoever. But surprisingly it got me on the edge especially the last few eps! And i give the credit to the chemistry between Chae Soo Bin & Yoo Seung Ho!

The recent eps had SO MANY intense and emotional scenes 😭

The story is about how a guy had been living a solitary life for 15 years as he has a "medical" condition – human allergy.

Everytime he comes into contact with a human, he develops immediate allergy, so bad that its life threatening and he has to rely on jabs to save himself.

One day he meets a robot (or so he thinks) and unknowingly he starts falling in love with her, only to realise that it was all a lie….

While writing this, im reminded of another good K-movie that i caught!

Along With The Gods

I caught this during a preview screening 1 or 2 weeks back and its in theatres now! Not sure if many know, but this is only Part 1 of the movie!

The movie depicts what happens afterlife and i must say its so good?!?! Although i feel the CG could have been better..but the plot and acting πŸ‘ the movie touches A LOT on family soooo…please be prepared to bring along a tissue box.

I swear at some point i was so close to BAWLING 😭😭😭 and got teased by my colleague lol

Wedding Updates

Excited yet not excited for the big day. Do i make sense? πŸ˜‚

We havent started to work out a timeline or checklist on what are the stuff we needa complete haha. So i'm honestly quite afraid that we sit on it till it gets too rushed lol!

On the other hand, we're just trying to complete some essentials bit by bit! Here's whats done! #dayrebrides

βœ… Pre-Wedding Shoot
βœ… Wedding Venue
βœ… Bridal Studio
βœ… Actual Day Photography
βœ… Actual Day Videography
βœ… Bridesmaids' Proposal
βœ… Wedding Bands (almost there!)
βœ… Ring Bearer box (almost there!)
βœ… Bridal Bouquet Florist (almost there!)
βœ… JP (almost there!)

So this weekend's tasks are mainly focused on finalising the "almost there" items haha

☑ Bridal jewellery (from the in-laws)
☑ Save the date e-invite
☑ Wedding invites
☑ Guo Da Li
☑ Bridesmaids' Kits
☑ Groomsmen/Bridesmaids' attire
☑ Venue Floral Decor
☑ Emcee
☑ DIY items
☑ Bridal Car + Floral Decor
☑ Gowns' Selection + Fitting
☑ Fathers' Jackets + Mothers' Gowns
☑ MUA for Mothers
☑ Childhood montage/video

Uhhh..i realise the list goes on and on? Hahahaha

Meanwhile there are a lot of items that i'm still pondering about! Currently classified under "should i/should i not" category hahaha πŸ˜‚

⁉ Ang bao box – i know it sounds ridiculous to spend on this haha. The one im eyeing on looks really gorgeous to me! And it has utility value because i can have it double up as a letterbox to be used in our new crib next time 😁
⁉ Acrylic vows – i think this is really meaningful and worth a display at our new crib too!

⁉ Wedding signgage – this is another gorgeous item! But of course im also mindful that it isnt as practical so im hoping to find alternatives! Maybe just canvas print of our pws with some DIY elements?

⁉ Photo backdrop – since i dont plan on having a photobooth im thinking i should at least have a backdrop for phototaking!

⁉ First Dance – this has been what i always wanted to do. But me aint no Cinderella. Aint dancer. And my hands and legs coordination sucks haha.


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