This pretty much sums up how im feeling now lol.

But the weekend has been pretty good & productive i would say! Completed much more than I originally intended.

✅ Pre-Wedding Shoot
✅ Wedding Venue
✅ Bridal Studio
✅ Actual Day Photography
✅ Actual Day Videography
✅ Bridesmaids' Proposal
✅ Wedding Bands (deposit made!)
✅ Ring Bearer box (deposit made!)
✅ Gold (bought!)
✅ JP (consent form signed!)


Started the day with my 2nd Aerial Hoop class! Liking it so far because it helps me to challenge my limits and surprise myself each week 😂

I'm still struggling to get up that hoop easily at one go, but hey it didnt feel as bad as the first class AND i hardly had bruises. Achievement unlocked!

Look Ma! No hands!! 😂😂

After class and our ma la xiang guo lunch, we headed to some jewellery shops that i shortlisted from the Budget Brides Group. The key factor that enticed me was one of the shops absorbs gst and doesnt charge worksmanship. How awesome!!!

True enough it was really crowded and we enquired about the price of a pendant – its really affordable 🤤

But too bad, there's hardly any that caught my eye. Their heart abacus was oos, like this rose pendant but didnt like the fact that it was two tone!

So we eventually settled for one at Poh Heng! It's a simple heart shape pendant. If you ask me, it definitely aint a novel design but i felt it was meaningful because the boy picked that out specially for me and i like how it kinda means 心心相印as it was one big heart made up of other small hearts!

Anyway we only found out on Sunday that my MIL-to-be also bought a gold bangle for me! 😂 and it was at Poh Heng too haha.

So Saturday ended with steamboat with our friends before a pair of them flies off to Taiwan for their pre wedding shoot! I cant wait to see their photos because their moodboard reminds me of the effort i put in for my own pws last year!

Oh we had mahjong too and i lost $44 in both rounds combined. As though it isnt sian enough to lose, and it has to be such a 不吉利number 😑


Woke up super early on Sunday to go for mac brekkie with the htb! Its been a long while since we had mac brekkie together 😁

Got our solemnisation consent form printed out before we headed to Jann Paul for our appointment.

It's funny how we went back Jann Paul twice after few months and we always ended up picking the same designs and both sales asst also felt that this pair fit us best!

Placed a deposit and the new custom made pair will be ready in early Apr! 🙌 they are so nice that everytime we visit their shop, they always offer to wash my solitaire engagement ring for me w/o even asking whether we got it from them!

Met our JP who suggested to meet us to get the consent form signed and to brief us instead of going through via email. Exactly how i like things to be done!


One of the most taxing Mondays i can remember.

My only perk-me-up now is getting home to unbox my #tallulah bags!!! @joycetoh

They mentioned that delivery will take 7-14 working days but i think they shipped out last Tuesday and by Saturday it was delivered to my door step!!

Please let it be nice so that i can use it for cny and preorder another one for their pop-up flea! 😁😁


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