Is this what they call "work anxiety"? Feeling all the jitters for tonight! Please have everything go well tonight~

The Weekends

Friday was spent at Izzah's new crib and it was such a lovely night! Her house is like totally my style 😍 made me excited to have my own as well! As usual, we were so loud that even her husband could hear our entire conversation the moment he got out of the lift 🙊

Saturday was Aerial Hoop's class again! 3rd lesson and I can feel the slight improvement! But still no mercy on the bruises haha. Though i was actually secretly happy that my bruises were at the RIGHT spot where the muscles should be engaged. Am i siao? Lolol.

Tried a new move! I think it was called the Stag or something? Basically you have to lean forward and balance without having your arms grabbing the hula hoop. Thanks to this move, i got new bruises at the back of my left thigh lol

And i finally manage to do this. Though i was super exhausted after it and was resting on the hoops lol. Always find this move a struggle because my legs are freaking long. And when i extend them out fully, my limbs could barely hold the hoop with my body weight dangling outside.

So yay baby steps at a time!

Sunday was spent having mac brekkie with the boy and going for an escoot ride together to Barrage and MBS! Wanted to do some cny shopping but the boy was like "this weather is too good to be spent indoors at a mall…" and he wanted to have quality time so yups glad we did!

Happy news

Managed to tick off 2 more items over the weekend!

✅ Pre-Wedding Shoot
✅ Wedding Venue
✅ Bridal Studio
✅ Actual Day Photography
✅ Actual Day Videography
✅ Bridesmaids' Proposal
✅ Wedding Bands
✅ Ring Bearer box
✅ Gold from In-laws
✅ JP
✅ Mothers' MUA & Hairdo
✅ Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Car Decor, Groom's Boutonnaire


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