Barely two months into the new year and i'm already feeling like I can't breathe πŸ˜… this year looks REALLY exciting, on both work and personal basis, though extremely challenging too. I'm just so glad that it's Friday again and it's some quality time with the loved ones!!

Been wanting to pent this down for the longest time! The htb has been the sweetest for the longest time and somehow i get "wow" very often these days! It's never about lavish gifts or anything extravagant but it's his little gestures that warmed my heart.

Many months ago i made some casual remarks about how his room is very dark and it's hard for me to see anything proper with the mirror in his room. And one day I chanced upon some #taobao fairylights in his room that i've gotten for the pre-wedding shoot and thought maybe its a good idea to hang it around the mirror though it was all talk and no action though lol.

Soon after, the htb texted me on a weekday night and sent me a photo!

So he fixed up the lights onto the mirror nicely for me! And he even purposely fixed the battery cartridge at a height which doesnt require me to bend down to turn the lights on πŸ™†
ζ˜―δΈζ˜―ζœ‰εΏƒ! It's extremely heart-warming for me because we all know how tiring weeknights are and how precious it is for you to finally unwind after work and do what you want to do. And yet, he took the initiative to do something for me.

On another occasion, Fridays are our declared me-time. So i hardly ever meet the htb on weeknights. But last week he sent me a text saying this!

Fridays are usually me-time for us so we hardly ever meet on weeknights. Recall the days when we first started during honeymoon, we could meet everyday. And somewhere in between, when lives got busier, we agreed that we should keep weeknights for our own personal space and quality time together and with family during weekends.

These days (yrs) it felt like we're back to honeymoon again where the boy would occasionally ask to meet me on Fridays 😍

This was a text from last week, and as usual i had to make him wait for almost 2 hrs before I knocked off? Yet there was no single complaints and he was waiting patiently for me with a stalk of rose that he decided to buy to perk me up. ❀❀


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