It's awesome waking up to the weekends!! Woke up in shock this morning at 7.15am, thinking that i overslept for work 🀣

Can't wait for today's Aerial Hoop, finalising Gold and checking out the wedding shoes!! πŸ™Œ


Although i got a HUGE hole in my pocket today 🀣🀣🀣

Went for my last Aerial Hoop intro package today and bought another new open class package, $240 πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

One of the poses that I always struggle with, though i'm seeing lil improvement week on week!

Went to Poh Heng again after class with the htb. It's been my 4th consecutive week at Poh Heng Chinatown πŸ˜… i think the retail asst recognises me by now srsly hah

It took me soooooo long to pick out something honestly. I've been wanting to customise a gold necklace with my name but that cost like $900-$1000 😲 worksmanship alone was $400+, super bo hua please!

Finally got my money tree pendant, originally wanted to get the charm bracelet but it costs $980?!

Super bo hua again. πŸ˜”

After walking around the entire shop for the longest time, i finally picked out something!

This is the two tone ring that the boy got. And we really like it! It's like a gold ring with a modern twist πŸ˜‰

And i got this ring for myself! Picked out by the htb, and its really very cheap 😁 when we put this next to the htb's, it looked like we got ourselves another pair of two tone wedding bands lol

Not a nice shot because i took this in a rush! But look at this very cute money coin tree pendant!

Eventually i paired this pendant with another two tone bracelet 😍 got a SDJ box from them because i somehow ended up with 5 gold considering my MIL has a necklace and bangle for me too haha.

And can I say how glad we are to settle all the gold items πŸ™Œ


Another reason why i'm happy because…..

I bought new shoes today! People who know me will know i seldom splurge on branded items. But when it's really worth paying for, i wouldnt hesitate either.

Chanced upon the article of Keds x Kate Spade series of wedding sneakers last night and im so glad that i got the boy to check it out with me today immediately!

Lost count of the number of people trying the shoes and sizes were running out in no time.

Fixed my eyes on this pair the moment i saw it online and i was sold the moment i tried it on! It was really comfortable, i love slip-ons as its hassle free and its really easy to match too! CNY shoes that it!

And then i was deciding between these two for wedding shoes! Frankly speaking i have no idea what im gonna wear yet lol, but i'm quite sure this will come in handy for any of my three gowns!

The htb really liked the pair on the right but i think it will stick out like a sore thumb against my white gowns so i chose the champagne pair on the left instead! 😍😍

Loving the satin ribbon~~~


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