Feel so cheated 😭 couldnt get to bed because i was waiting for the queue to drop to below 7k so that i can start exporting my posts.

After waiting for more than 30 minutes, the number dropped from 18k to 7066. And before it dropped to below 7k, it started increasing all the way till 14K now.

What is this?! 😭😭😭

Just wasted 1 hour of my sleep to wait for the queue to drop to 7k again.
This time round it hit 7001, and went back up again!!



Dear Dayre,

I have so much that I want to write but everytime i launch the app, i lose the motivation to write. πŸ˜•

Somehow, the Dayre today is different.

Oh well, on a separate note i have kinda paused my wedding preps for now till more things get settled and confirmed.

So instead I have diverted my attention to the house instead! πŸ˜‚ Been getting a lot of notifs by our neighbours in the closed group lately and seems like they are starting their research on ID!

Feeling bummed. Just when I was excited that I can finally be out on CNY eve and visit Chinatown today.

The boy had some plans to visit a friend's house after Chinatown tonight and wanted to cycle over before he meet me. And in the end, careless him ended up injuring himself and getting a deep cut on his ankle – now cannot walk πŸ˜‘

No Chinatown. And still got to worry zzz. Not a good way to start the Chinese New Year

Can't believe from my last post till now, i have not done anything on Steller 🀣


On another note, my 2nd batch of #Taobao loots arrived yesterday – just in time for CNY!

I received the first batch for almost a week, but i've been procrastinating in unwrapping them lol. Mainly because the first batch comprises of lotsa faux flowers, dried flowers, corsages and what not for my diy bridesmaid project and its gonna make my room even more messy πŸ˜‚

What i really wanted to share is this slit skirt-like pants!

I've been contemplating whether to get this for a long while because it definitely isnt cheap by Taobao standards. But i took a leap of faith as the images in the reviews all looked great!

I originally set aside a dress from Pomelo which i wanted to wear for Vday, but this came – and i was sold lol. Description says that this is perfect for a beach holiday and i was quite worried that the slit will be too high. But nah.. its perfect for me!

I can see how this will make it into my Bangkok ootd already πŸ˜‰

It's really quite disheartening to hear that this is the ultimate fate of Dayre.

I must say that i really love the community here, though there has been too much dramas of late that many, or at least people around me have been gradually leaving this platform.

Created an account on Steller thanks to recommendations from others, and i really like the minimalist photobook idea.

Many times I just wanted to share photos and keep memories. But Dayre doesnt allow you to upload a photo w/o words. So maybe Steller might be a better alternative?

Lets see!