Taiwan PWS / Lazada Surprise Boxes


Scoot's Tuesday promo is finally applicable for me! Week by week and they would extend the applicable travel period, this time round travel period is till 16 Nov! πŸ˜ƒ

#dayretravel #Taiwan

So this happened! Even though i was feeling a little bummed that the return flight is a TigerAir carrier 😐 they didnt make it explicit in the first screen lor but what to do, that flight has the best timing and is the cheapest! *suck thumb* 🀣

Possibly my longest trip ever, 11D10N!! Almost 12D10N actually because im taking red eye flights both departing and arriving Singapore!

Love sales!! I must say Lazada GSS sales is pretty good, i saw American Tourister luggage going at only $65??? 😱 but i hate having to "snatch" for it online at the mercy of the ecommerce system lol. Didnt manage to get any surprise boxes because i was too carried away with my stuff till like 12.05am and all is too late by then πŸ˜•

But i manage to cart out some beauty items at a good bargain!!

Look at the discounted price! Good steal isn't it? πŸ€—

Bought my Cosrx low PH cleanser because i see pretty good reviews across vlogs and blogs! And i realise my current cleanser (Neogen Green Tea foam cleanser) has a pretty high pH – even higher than netural eh! Though im not gonna give up on that cos its really by far my favourite cleanser 😊 anyway its rather affordable, so i tot why not have a try!


Double happiness today because after yesterday's lesson, i managed to get TWO boxes today! πŸ’ͺ

Happiest when i actually managed to get the #adidas #lazada surprise box!!!

As to how i manage to get my hands onto the adidas box! I think i was lucky plus they always say you get more experienced after a few attempts lol. Ever since last night failed attempt, i made sure i saved my credit card details so that i can check out faster. I dont usually save my cc details anywhere due to security reasons but for this, i let it slip, between 6-8 june haha.

There was a glitch so the adidas link wasnt up on the curated boxes page at 4pm. I tried tapping a few times.

By then was already 4.02pm? And i've learnt that when it comes to ecommerce online sales, time waits for no man. Nobody cares whether its a glitch or trying to write in to CS. You just gotta find a way to cart it out because its all tied to system inventory. So i quickly did a search for adidas and managed to get to the surprise box page to cart it out!! ✌

Guess the next worthy box left is Mamonde?


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