I'm not sure about you guys, but this bothers me quite a bit! Been having more breakouts usually, it started with like 1 or 2 and its always on my nose or chin area. But lately it seems like its getting worse! So i'm wondering if its purging or breakout for me?

Key takeaway from the articles is that:
☑ if ur new products doesnt contain actives, most likely it is NOT purging
☑ if you are breaking out in areas which you dont normally have whiteheads/blackheads/pimples/ its likely NOT purging

So what happens when your new products contain actives and you're breaking out in areas where you normally do?

I wonder myself too but seems like there's no definite answer, unless you're super hardworking in researching about all that ingredients found in ur products to see if you can sieve out any possible culprits or irritants. But if you're like me who forget the acid name that you just read 5 mins ago, i guess time will tell HAHA


This is not an advice btw but just what i gathered from the articles and what i'll do for now – to give it more time. πŸ˜…

After much contemplation and research, i've decided to get this to try!! Sounds like a lot of good stuff in there for my skin – tea tree, leaf and fruit extracts, humectants that hold on to water, witch hazel etc.

Only downside is, i cant find this in the usual beauty ecommerce platforms that i go to πŸ˜•

Informed my coordinator that we have booked our tickets to #Taiwan! Finally, things are falling into pieces hehe

Lunch time read 😎

In the morning i was reading up on purging vs breakouts. And from there i came across this term "humectant" for the first time!

Got to realise occlusives, humectants are actually what you find in your moisturizers!!

A tip on moisturizing: Use a mist or water spray just before your moisturizer so that your skin is slightly damp. This will allow your moisturizer to lock in the moisture from the mist.

To those interested, here's the link to the article!


Efficient or what? Most of my #Lazada orders have been shipped, if not even received!

– Nature Republic Aloe Gel
– Cosrx Pimple Patch
– Cosrx low PH cleanser

– Loreal Surprise Box
– Adidas Surprise Box
– Black Shoulder Bag

Yes i was poisoned by colleague today to get a new bag because only $10!! πŸ˜…

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