Casetify / Cosrx

After much deliberation, i've finally decided to get myself some new hp cases!! Probably the only thing i dislike about Samsung is that they have limited phone cases as compared to iPhone! Everytime i land my eyes on a design that i like, 90% its only meant for iPhone 😑 and i dont wanna resort to #taobao because i once tried and they came in like silicone rubber cases *major turn off* until i chanced upon #casetify one day! Though i know its also not printed on the hard cases directly!

Plus, i've seen some videos on youtube about the casetify drop test where people would put on the cases and drop their phones just to show its durability! I'm impressed 😅

The cases arent exactly cheap though, retailing at USD40 per case. Considering that i only probably change a case every 6mths i think still worth it la hor? And there's a promo now @ 20% off for 2pcs!! 😁 Last day btw!

Choose 2 designs for me!

These are the designs that I have added to cart!

#dayreshopaholics #dayreshopping

Caught in a dilemma! #1 has my heart for sure but i'm torn between #4, #5 and #7!


Tried this low PH cleanser last night and this morning. I'm sold!!!

Can't say it has improved my skin or what not since its too fast and im really bad at such observations lol. But the post-cleansing face felt good! Surprisingly it feels pretty hydrating (more than my Neogen green tea foam cleanser) and my face felt cleaner after that! Thats a good sign isn't it?

After using this last night, i can understand why sunnydahye and joankeem raved about this all the time! I can feel the obvious difference because i have been spamming these patches for a week or so every single night! Started with 3M and i also tried Its Skin's. 3M felt like its better at sucking out the goo but i found the patch thickness too thick such that its hard to stay on my skin overnight 😅 so i started using itsskin more because that is super thin like a film!

Cosrx patches are somewhere in between that of 3M and Its Skin which is perfect for me! Spammed those on my face last night, and this morning they all stayed intact on my face and managed to suck out some of my blemishes with a head!

So gonna buy more of these on #Lazada later!!

#dayrebeauty #cosrx

Cheese milk tea from #Liho, courtesy of my colleagues! Perks of working in the CBD, that we can be first in queue to get a chance to try the 50 cups 😅 in my opinion it tastes just like the milk foam, nth new!

Guys, my surprise boxes are here!!! 🤗

But i've yet to get home, if there's time maybe i'll do an unboxing video! In times like this, i wish i had bought my olympus lolol.

I've a 35mins train ride back home, time for my #kdrama!!

On my watch list. What's yours?


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